20210810 - Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting Minutes



Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2021




The public meeting of the Zoning Board of Adjustment of the Village of Ridgewood was called to order at 7:40 p.m.


Present:         Present:  Greg Brown, Matthew Bandelt, Diana Ruhl and Jonathan Papietro. Also present were Bruce Whitaker, Board Attorney; and Jane Wondergem, Board Secretary. 


Absent:          Gary Negrycz, Isaac Lebow, Michael Pickholz


Approval of Minutes: The minutes from July 13, 2021 were adopted.


Non-agenda items:


Members of the public comments: There were no comments at this time. 


Board member comments: There were no comments at this time.


Public Hearings:


Chairman Brown announced that the Reynolds, 128-130 Ackerman Avenue, application, and the Maher, 250 Libby Avenue, application were carried to September 14, 2021 without further notice. The McCann, 236 Walthery Avenue, application was carried to August 24, 2021, without further notice.


Old Business:


KELLY & DANIEL MORGAN – An application to permit the construction of a one story addition which would result in a front yard setback of 28.4 feet where 45 feet is required and coverage by improvements of 50.3%, for the entire lot, where 45% is permitted and coverage by improvements of 55.2%, within 140 feet of the front lot line, where 45% is the maximum permitted at 323 Franklin Avenue, Block 3611, Lot 17, in an R-2 Zone. (Continued from July 13, 2021, without further notice)


Kelly and Daniel Morgan, homeowners, were present and previously sworn.


Douglas Battersby, architect, was previously sworn and described the revisions made to reduce the coverage.


Board members had questions about how the coverage came to be so far over what is permitted and asked what is existing there. Ms. Morgan said that no permits were needed for the paver patio and it was approved by Zoning. After discussion, the applicants agreed to reduce the patio area.


The hearing was carried to August 24, 2021, without further notice.

New Business:


BETH and MARK JACKSON – An application to permit the construction of a covered open porch which would result in a front yard setback of 35.8 feet, where 40 feet is the minimum required for the Property located at 169 Melrose Place, Block 2514, Lot 3, in an R-1 Zone.


Mark and Beth Jackson, homeowners, were sworn.


Lisa Cohen was sworn and her credentials as a licensed architect accepted. Ms. Cohen testified in regards to the proposed covered front porch. Ms. Cohen said that the pool in the back yard has been constructed and was compliant.


Board members asked about the size of the porch and how much of it was compliant. Ms. Cohen said about 50% of the porch was compliant due to the placement of the house on the property. Board members asked if there was a patio around the pool. Mrs. Jackson said there was not.


There were no questions or comments from the public.


Following Board deliberation, Mr. Bandelt made a motion to approve, Ms. Ruhl seconded, and the application was approved.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m.



Minutes submitted by:  Jane Wondergem, Board Secretary


Date Approved: September 14, 2021

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