20190514 - Zoning Board of Adjustment Agenda



Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Village Hall Court Room – 7:30 P.M.


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Statement required by the Open Public Meeting Act “Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by a posting on the bulletin board in the Village Hall, by mail to the Ridgewood News, The Record and by submission to all persons entitled to same as provided by law of a schedule including date and time of this meeting”.

Please note: A curfew of 11:00 PM is strictly adhered to by the Zoning Board of Adjustment of the Village of Ridgewood. No new matter involving an Applicant will be started after 10:30 PM. At 10:00 PM the Chairman will make a determination and advise Applicants as to whether they will be heard. If an Applicant cannot be heard because of the lateness of the hour, the matter will be carried over to a future meeting to be determined by the Board at 10:00 PM.

Roll call

Approval of minutes:         

Non-agenda items:

          Board member comments

          Members of the public comments

Public hearings

          Old Business:

BURROUGHS POOLE LLC – An application for preliminary and final site plan approval, use variance, variance and waiver approval to implement a drive-thru component to be used by a Starbucks retail coffee shop at 363-381 Route 17 South, Block 4807, Lot 1, in the HC-Highway Commercial Zone. APPLICATION WITHDRAWN WITHOUT PREJUDICE


MATTHEW DEVINS – An application to permit the construction of a two story addition which will result in a front yard setback of 23 feet, where 40 feet is required; side yard setback of 16.9 feet, where 22.4 feet is required and a height of 33.46 feet, where 30 feet is permitted at 79 Park Slope, Block 2110, Lot 1, in an R-1 Zone. (Continued from April 23, 2019 without further notice)

AGENDA – CONTINUATION                                                                  May 14, 2019



MICHEL & LINDA MOURAVIEFF – An application to permit the applicant to continue to use dwelling as their personal residence and lease home professional office to a third-party at 525 North Maple Avenue, Block 2904, Lot 16, in an R-2 Zone. (Continued from April 9, 2019 without further notice)(Carry to July 9, 2019 without further notice)

          New Business:

CHRIS & MELISSA BRENNAN – An application to permit the construction of a second floor addition over the existing garage which will result in a side yard setback of 8.1 feet, where 10 feet is required; combined side yard setback of 22.49 feet, where 24.59 feet is required; gross building area for total lot of 33.5%/4,374 square feet, where 32%/4,060 square feet is permitted and gross building area within 140 feet of the front lot line of 41.9%/4,374 square feet, where 34%/3,360 square feet is permitted at 205 Katherine Road, Block 2302, Lot 7, in the R-2 Zone.

          Resolution memorialization:        

-        657 Ridgewood LLC - 657 Franklin Turnpike - signage




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