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Village of Ridgewood

Gate House at Irene Habernickel Family Park – HealthBarn, USA

Responses to FAQ’s   #2



  1. The general terms of the lease are:  Rent of $3,700/per month ($44,400 annual); and all utility costs; standard village insurance requirement of $2,000,000 total and the Village named as additionally insured. Term of the lease is 5 -6 years as allowed by Green Acres for the investment of $50,000+ in interior capital renovations. 

  2. There are plans to upgrade the kitchen to current standards with basic appliances – not a commercial kitchen.


  3. Village of Ridgewood monitoring and control mechanisms are in place, as specified in the lease agreement, Director of Parks & Recreation has all required information to evaluate any requests beyond the Schedule A listing.

  4. The Recreation Division will maintain an office in the 2nd level of the Gate House to provide onsite control and support as needed.


  5. The Recreation Dept. has extensive experience supervising drop off and pick up for programs. On occasion they stagger timing of programs to ensure that there are no traffic flow issues. Their control of the programs will ensure that these issues will be corrected should they arise.

  6. Drop off/ pick up is in front of the Gate House in the interior of the park.  Participants will be instructed to follow the traffic pattern.

  7. Traffic Study – Police Department will continue to schedule a winter traffic study when weather conditions permit and afterschool sessions are more active.


  8. Real Estate Analysis/comps – Rent represents about $21.66/square foot (2,050 sq. ft. rental area in Gate House). The average square foot cost for CBD comparison properties is $23.84.

    1. This property was listed on the NJMLS website – 1137 hits from brokers; 1043 referrals to clients; 813 independent visitors.



  9. Bus – HealthBarn stated that no bus will be used for the summer program. If needed, participants can organize carpools.  However during the school year within regular school hours, a mini bus or a larger school bus can be used. Parking for mini bus in parking lot; parking for larger bus off site at Graydon Pool/ PSEG right of way Lot. No engine idling allowed.


  10. Lights – As with most municipal properties, low level security lighting systems are necessary for safety. As there is no longer a full time presence on Habernickel Park, we will be reinstalling security lighting to protect the property.


  11. Program perimeters and quality instruction will dictate participants and staffing levels.  Each class will include appropriate size for the age group. Younger children have a smaller class size to maintain. Schedule A on the lease identifies target attendance levels.

  12. Birthday parties – these are current standard programing for Ridgewood recreation – Birthday parties are held at The Stable; Community Center and at Graydon Pool and other municipal parklands.  As such, Green Acres approves birthday parties on funded parkland.

  13. Wednesday and Friday evening events will be held inside the Gate House.

  14. Like other Recreation Vendor/Recreation business – USA Sports Institute, Abrakadoodle, Explore Science, Ponyshare Inc, Education Explorers, All Pro Tennis, Total Golf Adventures, Play-well TEKologies -  HealthBarn’s expertise and professionalism offers a unique and specialized program for our community.


  15. Village staff have been contacted by the Abma family in support of HealthBarn’s programs where they have been a positive asset to their business development.


  16.  We have heard from park neighbors, inclusive of Willard School parents, Scout leaders and residents that appreciate the opportunity to have HealthBarn in our community. They recognize that the programs offered provides unique & specialized instruction that is not available otherwise in Ridgewood - Specialized nutrition/Healthy Life Style program for children and young adults.


  17.  Play structure – the HealthBarn curriculum does not include playing on this structure. When the children are leaving with their parents, they may use park equipment.


  18.  Sign specifications of 3 feet x 3 feet sign are provided in the Lease Agreement. A sign is allowed to the left of the front door.


  19.  Field use will not be impacted by HealthBarn.  If a request is made it will be reviewed by the Field Committee for availability/conflicts.



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