June 2020 Robo Call by the Mayor - Script



Good morning, this is Mayor Ramon Hache with an important message. Yesterday, Governor Murphy lifted the stay-at-home order which had been in effect since March 21st.

Indoor gatherings can resume, limited to the lesser of 25% of capacity or 50 people total.

The limit on outdoor gatherings has been increased from 25 to 100 people. The limit will be increased to 250 on June 22nd and to 500 on July 3rd just in time for high school graduations which are able to begin on July 6. In the meantime, outdoor gatherings of more than 100 people will be allowed only for First Amendment-protected outdoor activities such as protests.

Municipal pools can re-open on June 22nd. Despite the short lead time, we are working diligently to try to open Graydon Pool on that date.

Some additional upcoming dates:

June 12: houses of worship can re-open their doors for services subject to the aforementioned restrictions on indoor gatherings.

June 15: outdoor dining and non-essential retail will re-open. That means our Downtown will formally re-open. Parking meters in the Village will also resume.

June 20: a large section of our downtown will be converted to an outdoor pedestrian mall on Saturdays and Sundays. The map of the plan will be posted on the Village website.

June 22: hair salons, nail salons, and barber shops will re-open.

Finally, as we get back to more normal activities, it is crucial that we remain cautious and keep wearing face masks and maintain the social distancing practices that have helped with reducing the spread of the virus and have gotten us to this point.

Be well, and let’s continue to help each other to stay healthy and safe. Thank you and have a great day.