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Proposed Parking Lot Reconfiguration - Train Station Expansion

Proposed parking lot reconfiguration details are: (Click Here for Drawing)

  • One bench, center of island, to be provided by others.
  • 11 decorative streetlights, matching pattern used in the Village
  • An increase of 38 parking spaces
  • 15 trees are to be removed.  All were examined by the Village Arborist for health, most were in poor health.
  • 14 trees are to be planted, 11 of which will be red oaks
  • 44 of the reconfigured spaces will be for compact cars, with a stall size of 9-wide by 16-feet deep.
  • One way counter-clockwise circulation in the parking lot.
  • 22-foot wide circulation lane.
  • Center island is to be 14-feet wide.(It is currently approx. 33 feet wide, at the widest section) 
  • Sidewalk in the center island to be 5-feet in width.
  • Standard 9-foot by 18-foot parking stalls surrounding the center island
  • Center island sidewalk to be tinted a dark color (as per SHPO).
  • Existing lot has 107 parking spaces.  Reconfigured lot will have 145 parking spaces.
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