We are happy to announce that Ridgewood residents may bring expanded polystyrene packaging to the recycling center. Don't landfill that foam - recycle it!

Here are the rules:

  • Only bring clean “block” type #6 foam material
  • Foam must be free of tape, ink, & labels
  • No packing peanuts
  • No egg cartons, cups, or food containers
  • No colored foam
  • No wet or dirty foam

May be an image of text that says 'RECYCLE STYROFOAM PACKAGING Recycling Center (203 E. Glen Ave 8am 3pm Closed Wedn & Sun) ONLY CLEAN FOAM BLOCK FROM: Televisions Appliances Computers Furniture Foam Coolers WE WILL NOT ACCEPT: Throw these in the trash NO Foam Peanuts NO Colored Foam NO Food Packaging NO Packaging w/ Tape or Labels × RIDGEWOOD RESIDENTS ONLY Ridgewood Recycling'

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The Ridgewood Police Department is excited to announce that we have joined the growing ranks of law enforcement agencies who are implementing body worn cameras (BWC). The cameras will be used in accordance with the guidelines established by the New Jersey Attorney General and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office directive. Our officers will be using the Axon Body 3 camera, which is a small lightweight device, but with a wide field of view. The BWC will be mounted on an officer’s shirt, vest, or outmost garment and will point away from the officer in order to capture whatever is in the camera’s view. Citizen who interact with police officers could be recorded on the body cameras. Our hope is that by employing this technology, we will continue to build a positive relationship will all of our residents and those visiting and working in the Village. 

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