Village Council


The Village Council is the governing body of the Village of Ridgewood. There are five Council members who are elected at large, on a non-partisan basis. The Municipal Election for Village Council takes place on the second Tuesday in May, in even numbered years. The term of a Council member is four years. The Mayor is chosen by the Village Council every two years, after a Municipal Election. The Reorganization meeting,which is when the new Council members take office is held on July 1st.

Village Council members serve part-time, and most have full-time jobs. They appoint a Village Manager to oversee the day to day operations of the Village, to handle personnel, citizen inquiries and complaints, and to handle the administrative duties of the Village.

The Village Council passes local laws, makes appointments to various Boards and Committees, and awards various contracts for purchases of goods and services used by the Village.

They also review, amend, and adopt the annual budget for the Village prepared by the Village Manager and Chief Financial Officer.

Name Position
Susan KnudsenSusan Knudsen Mayor 131 N Maple Ave
Michael SedonMichael Sedon Deputy Mayor 131 N Maple Ave
Bernadette WalshBernadette Walsh Councilwoman 131 N Maple Ave
Pamela PerronPamela Perron Councilwoman 131 N Maple Ave
Lorraine ReynoldsLorraine Reynolds Councilwoman 131 N Maple Ave


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