CSAC Meeting Agenda 20190221

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1)  Franklin Avenue On-Street Parking/ Traffic Calming-- Update on Survey Status; Response to Bergen County? ( Engineering/ Voigt)2)  The crosswalk at Van Emburgh Avenue/ Hampshire Road-- Completion in 2019. Any Updates? (Engineering)
3)  Pedestrian/Bike SRTS Grants-- Any Comments from NJDOT? (Engineering)
CBDAC-- Activities Report. (Shinozuka)
5)  Kenilworth Road/ Spring Avenue-- STOP Logo Installation in Spring 2019. (Engineering)
6)  Sherman Place-- Recommendations for Washington Place/ Dead End? (Engineering/Police)
7)  North Walnut Street-- Report on Suggestions for Speed Control? (Engineering/Police)
8)  Union Street-- Report on Issues/Recommendations from October 18, 2018 Meeting. (Engineering)
9)  Parking Ordinance Audit-- Referral to CBDAC for Action. (Walker/ Shinozuka)
10) Pershing Avenue-- Report on Issues/ Recommendations from October 18, 2018 Meeting. (Engineering)
11) Pedestrian Safety Awareness Program-- Update on Status; HSA Grant Application
?( Bamberg/ Cronk)
12) Starbucks Driveway-- Signage? Enforcement? (Engineering/ Police)
13) Hope Street/Gilbert Street-- STOP Sign Installation/ Speeding Issues. (Engineering/ Police)
14) Long-Term Programs/Policy Discussions (On-Going)
   a) West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-- 2019 Capital Budget Item-- Heights Road-North Monroe Street
?(Voigt/ Engineering)
   b) Village Master Plan/CSAC Input-- Meeting with Visioning Consultant? (Voigt)


1)  NJ Bike/ Walk Summit- February 23, 2019-- see attachment
2)  Other  


2019 Bike Walk Summit