CSAC Meeting Minutes 01172019


CSAC Members/ Liaisons: Anastasia Bamberg, Sheila Brogan, Charles S. Di Marco, Joyce Docktor, Robert Fuhrman, Barbara Sacks, Councilman Jeffrey Voigt. { Village Engineer, Christopher J. Rutishauser, PE, (CJR), was unable to attend meeting but submitted comments via e-mail as noted in BOLD}. 

Others: Jane Remis



1)  Franklin Avenue On-Street Parking/ Traffic Calming-- Letter from Bergen County discussed and considered as a positive indicator. Councilman Voigt commented on the developer contributions to signal upgrades at Broad Street which could be applied in the future. No other changes to report. (CJR)

2) Crosswalk at Van Emburgh Avenue/ Hampshire Road-- No changes to report.(CJR)

3)  Pedestrian/ Bike Safety SRTS Grants-- No changes to report.(CJR)

4)  CBDAC-- No report.

5)  Kenilworth Road/ Spring Avenue-- No changes to report.(CJR)

6)  Sherman Place-- No changes to report. (CJR)

7)  North Walnut Street-- No changes to report.(CJR)

8)  Union Street-- No changes to report. (CJR)

9)  Parking Ordinance Audit-- Councilman Voigt raised the matter at the Council and reported little interest in pursuing an audit. Mr. Walker suggested an appropriate forum for an audit could be the CBDAC through the CSAC liaison, Ms. Shinozuka.

10) Pershing Avenue-- No changes to report. (CJR)

11) Pedestrian Safety Awareness Program-- Councilman Voigt has informed Council of the CSAC support for the effort and received Council endorsement. Ms. Bamberg agreed to join the Task Force along with Ms. Remis. It was noted that Ms. Jeanne Johnson has expressed interest in assisting the effort.

12) Long-Term Programs/ Discussions (On-Going)

      a) West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-- Councilman Voigt acknowledged the need to include a 2019 Capital Budget item to develop a Concept Plan and initial engineering evaluation for the section between Hillcrest Road and North Monroe Street.

      b) Village Master Plan/ CSAC Input-- Mr. Di Marco distributed information regarding the " Our Village, Our Future"  at http://www.visionridgewood.org . A meeting with the visioning consultant, Mr. Michael B. Dannemiller, PE of NV5, and CSAC was suggested as a means to provide direct input to the process.


1)  2019 CSAC Officers-- Mr. Di Marco was selected as Chair by consensus. A Vice Chair and Secretary were not named.

2)  2019 CSAC Schedule of Meetings-- Third Thursday of the month: January 17, February 21, March 21, April 18, May 16, June 20, July 18, August 15, September 19, October 17, November 21, December 19.  All CSAC meetings are at 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall.

3) Other

     a) Ms. Bamberg discussed observations of violations of the "NO LEFT TURN" regulations entering and departing the Starbucks along Franklin Avenue. Councilman Voigt is to contact the Manager regarding enforcement efforts; Mr. Di Marco is to check the existing signage against the MUTCD and report the findings to the Police and Village Engineer. { NOTE: Findings reported on January 18th}.

     b) Councilman Voigt submitted correspondence to Mayor and Council from Mr. Joseph Alvaro regarding STOP sign installations on Hope Street at Gilbert Street and speeding issues along Gilbert Street. Mr. Di Marco forwarded the correspondence to Police and Village Engineer on January 18th.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall.

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