CSAC Meeting Minutes 20180816


CSAC Members/Liaisons: Sgt. Jay Chuck, Charles S. Di Marco, Joyce Docktor, Robert Fuhrman, Christopher J. Rutishauser, PE, Councilman Jeffrey Voigt

Others: Beth Abbott, Jane Remis



1)  Franklin Avenue On-Street Parking/Traffic Calming--Survey work continues. ADA-compliant ramp construction in July, 2019. Councilman Voigt expressed interest in having Bergen County participation in developing a coordinated system of traffic-responsive signals along Franklin Avenue between North Broad Street and North Maple Avenue and extending to the North Maple Avenue/East Ridgewood Avenue intersection. He proposed providing public comment at an upcoming Freeholder Workshop meeting. It was also suggested to arrange a meeting including the County Executive, County Public Works Director, County Engineer and Village officials, including CSAC representation, to pursue a specific funding and scheduling plan for a project.

2)  Crosswalk at Van Emburgh Avenue/ Hampshire Road-- ADA-compliant ramps scheduled for installation in 2018.

3)  Pedestrian/Bike Safety SRTS Grants-- NJDOT audit has not been received.

4)  CBDAC-- No report.

5)  CSAC By-Laws-- Councilman Voigt will contact Councilwoman Walsh to review final draft and circulate to CSAC for comments.

6)  Proposed Parking At RR Station/ Pedestrian Walkway-- CSAC limited comments to safety and access issues. Comments regarding historic preservation, aesthetics, landscaping , parkland use, etc. can be provided by individuals to Council at the appropriate time at the public hearing. The proposed design maintains a separate walkway for pedestrians with enhanced lighting among other amenities. Ms. Abbott noted the importance of retaining access which serves as a valuable feature serving pedestrians throughout the day.

7)  Kenilworth Road/Spring Avenue--Sight triangle issues being addressed. STOP logo to be added on Kenilworth Road approaches.

8)  North Walnut Street-- Sgt. Chuck reported the recent study showed a volume of 500 vehicles/day; average speeds of 30mph N/B, 32mph S/B and <1% exceeding 40mph. Crash analysis showed 22 reports over 3 year 8 month period-- including no pedestrian incidents, 5 slight accidents, 4 injury reports, 2 transports to hospital.  Review of prior suggestion for double yellow centerline which did not have broad support from residents. No further actions recommended by Police or Engineering at this time.(See Minutes of June 21, 2018 CSAC meeting for more background on prior actions/suggestions).

9)  Garber Square Bike Lane Eradication-- Project complete. CSAC requests enhanced enforcement to discourage any tendency by some drivers to enter the Bike Lane from the vicinity of the RR overpass.

10) Pedestrian Safety Awareness Program-- Details and volunteers needed. Reminder: Ms. Jeanne Johnson is expected to lead a Crosswalk Rally in the Fall and will be seeking participation from CSAC members.

11) Starbucks/Jersey Mike's Driveway Turn Restrictions-- Council is considering ordinances. No additional CSAC comments. Engineering and Police are evaluating the potential use of a Two-Way Left Turn Lane (See Figure 3B-7 in MUTCD for an example) along Franklinn Avenue between North Broad Street and North Maple Avenue.

12) Long-Term Programs/ Policy Discussions (On-Going)

  1. a) West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-- Still planned for Fall 2018.
  2. b) Senior Walkability Workshop/ Sidewalk Condition Audit--Engineering reports work being done by property owners.
  3. c) CSAC Input to Master Plan Review-- Councilman Voigt will follow up with the Task Force coordinating the effort.


1)  Parking Restrictions-Overbrook Road- History of existing regulations reviewed. Suggestion to consider alternate side restrictions to share the impacts among residents. Concern expressed for potential shifting of parking to other residential streets. Possible use of PSE&G ROW for event parking was discussed by Engineering/ Police.

2)  Other- -None

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall.

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