Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission Meeting Minutes 20191112

Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission Meeting Minutes November 12, 2019

The regular meeting of the Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission was called to order at 7:35PM on November 12, 2019 by Andrew Lowry.
Andrew Lowry, Melody Corcoran, Carolyn Jacoby, Declan Madden, Susan Nashel, Bob Upton (chairman Green Ridgewood), Joanna Hanrahan, Judith Driver
Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve the minutes for October 15, 2019 was made by Andrew Lowry, seconded by Carolyn Jacoby, and approved by all present.
Tree Inventory
On November 26, 2019 there will be a meeting with Civil Solutions detailing the tree inventory which will be performed by Davey Tree Service. Planning to attend are Declan Madden, Nancy Bigos, Ian Keller, Steve McCabe, Candace Fitzpatrick and, perhaps, Manish Shrimali.
Shade Tree Conference
Declan Madden attended the NJ Shade Tree Federation conference on October 24 and 25, 2019. The most significant information taken away from the conference is the importance of grouping trees; trees communicate with each other through chemicals and need to be located together to allow this communication to occur.
Central Business District
Andrew Lowry attended a council meeting to request funding for trees be put in the engineering budget.
Deputy mayor Susan Knudsen has contacted two of the three developers of the CBD building projects. Susan spoke to them about using structural soil for the street tree plantings at their projects and received a positive response. She is waiting for a response from the third developer.
Evaluation of 2018 Planting
Andrew Lowry randomly inspected 10 trees planted in 2018 and most are alive.
Moynihan LLC Landscaping from Parsippany will be planting the street trees, Adopt-a-Trees, and resident requested trees this fall. One hundred trees are scheduled to be planted. For the first tree planted, Declan Madden will give a tutorial to the tree planting crew to ensure that proper planting technique is followed.
Train Station
CU- structural soil will be put in the tree planting strips. Andrew Lowry informed the engineering department that there are local suppliers for this soil.
The species of tree to be planted at the train station has not yet been determined.
Earth Day Expenses, 2020 Events
Susan Nashel was finally reimbursed for the 2019 Earth Day expenses.
The next Earth Day will be on Sunday, April19, 2020.
The next Arbor day will be on Friday, April 24, 2020. A tree needs to be planted in honor of Arbor Day to continue Ridgewood’s status as a Tree City. Application to continue this status needs to be made in February, 2020.
Village Support
Carolyn Jacoby attended the League of Women Voters general meeting. At this meeting, the LWV environmental committee report focused on water and the monitoring of the water for chemical contaminants. Carolyn asked if the committee was looking at trees as an area of concern. As a result of this question, the LWV is setting up a subcommittee on trees.
The LWV voters presents policy issues for public property. The best way to increase resident awareness is to present these policy issues to the village council.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:15PM by: Andrew Lowry.
Minutes submitted by: Melody Corcoran
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