Shade Tree Commission Meeting Minutes 09102019

Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission Meeting Minutes September 10, 2019
The regular meeting of the Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission was called to order at 7:35PM on September 10, 2019 by Andrew Lowry.
Andrew Lowry, Michael Sedon, Manish Shrimali, Melody Corcoran, Ian Keller, Declan Madden, Susan Nashel, Steven McCabe
Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve the minutes for July 9, 2019 was made by Susan Nashel, seconded by Ian Keller, and approved by all present.
Tree Inventory Bidding Process
Ian Keller has copies of the Bartlett and Davey tree inventory proposals; there has been no response from Paul Cowey yet. If the tree inventory were to be performed as a professional service, no bidding process would be needed and there would not be a cap on the fee.
The software for the tree inventory needs to be capable of being updated with daily workorders. The cost for yearly software updating also needs to be determined.
The bid package needs to go out 20 to 30 days before a company is chosen for the work. Declan Madden, Manish Shrimali and Ian Keller will review the software management software from the various companies and also the cost to maintain the tree inventory software.
Paper Bark Maples (Declan’s Trees)
The paper bark maples have been successfully moved to the train station lot. The trees have irrigation and will be watered twice weekly for 30 minutes. It is not known if any information on the tree move was published in the local newspapers. Jovan Mehandzic’s video of the moving process may be available for a Facebook post.
Evaluation of 2018 Tree Planting
Declan Madden needs to be given time to review and evaluate the condition of the trees planted in 2018. Andrew Lowry will check on the terms of the warranty for these trees.
2019 Street Tree Planting Budget Cut
The 2019 street tree planting budget was cut because of cost overruns in street paving. Monies need to be found to budget for the trees which have been cut from this year’s planting. It also needs to be clarified if the Chestnut Street tree well demonstration project has been cancelled; Andrew Lowry will speak to Chris Rutishauser about this.
To avoid budget cuts such as these in the future, tree planting needs to made a line item in the Parks and Shade Tree budget.
Train Station Parking Lot Trees
The specifications for the trees to be planted on the perimeter of the parking lot have been given to Jovan Mehandzic.
The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) will be involved in the decision as to the species of trees planted. SHPO has recommended red oak, the NJ state tree. Declan Madden, the village arborist, has recommended willow oak instead because red oak is susceptible to bacterial leaf scorch.
Schedler Tree Planting and Clearing
The large sugar maple at Schedler will be cabled, aerated and pruned to preserve it.
The berm will have large boulders placed along the Route 17 side. There will be plantings on top of the berm and in front of the berm on the playing field side.
Mike Sedon will look into getting the exact planting schedule from Chris Rutishauser.
Manish Shrimali will attend the next village council work session to request information on the Schedler plantings.
Financial Items
The reimbursement of Susan Nashel’s expenses for Earth Day is still in process.
The STC trust account is approximately $12,000; Adopt-a-Tree funds are placed in this account.
Long Term Objectives
The STC needs to have more input to the village council concerning our goals and objectives; it was suggested that once a month a commission member should present our concerns to the council.
Declan Madden needs to be freed from some of his current duties to be able to work on tree inventory bids and other shade tree projects.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10PM by: Andrew Lowry.
Minutes submitted by: Melody Corcoran
Volunteer Hours: 7.5