Ridgewood Shade Tree Comission Meeting Minutes 20190225

Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission
Meeting Minutes February 25, 2019
The regular meeting of the Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission was called to order at 7:35PM on February 25, 2019 by Andrew Lowry.
Andrew Lowry, Melody Corcoran, Carolyn Jacoby, Susan Nashel, Beth Abbott
As a quorum was not present, these minutes are informal notes only.
Age Friendly Ridgewood
Beth Abbott of Age Friendly Ridgewood asked about the STC plans for improving the tree wells. A CBD sidewalk audit on Age Friendly Ridgewood’s website shows pictures of broken and/or raised bricks and uneven, weedy tree wells. Andrew Lowry assured her that the STC plans include true pavers or a level, non-slip composite surface for the tree wells. All surfaces will be ADA compliant.
Operating and Capital Budgets Under Consideration
STC members present agreed to the following:
•Re- Appropriate Unspent Funds from last year for a Tree Inventory Following Mike Sedon’s recommendation, the STC will ask the Council to re-appropriate the unspent $50,000 carried over from last year's (2018-2019) capital budget and use it for a tree inventory.  We may get some ($10,000) of money back if we get a grant.  We view the inventory as a one-time infrastructure investment which will provide a critical description of all the Village street trees and allow for a dramatically improved management of our street trees.  Think of it as the architectural plans for a building. Those plans are always considered as much part of the Capital investment in a building as bricks and mortar. Almost as important, we are told that having a tree inventory is a prerequisite for securing many grants as it indicates that the Village is serious about managing its street trees.
•Understand Street Tree Planting plan for 2019 Mike Sedon’s comment that there is no funding requested for street tree planting in the Parks and Shade Tree budget for additional tree planting was discussed.  This may be because the tree planting will be covered in the streetscape/repaving budget run by the Engineering dept.  This should be confirmed.                                                                        
•Request a Line item for CBD tree/tree well renovation $75,000 The STC has developed pretty detailed plans for what should be done to start re-mediating the CBD trees - most of which are either dead or dying.  Mayor Hache asked us for a long-term plan for this work.  The first phase needs to be funded so that the STC can understand the logistics and costs involved and to show the Village residents what things could look like. The resolution of which department, or departments, are responsible for the CBD trees is needed before we can move forward.
CBD Tree Wells
To show the residents and business owners the significant difference that can be made in the CBD streetscape, the entire side of one block should have the tree wells upgraded.
Village Calendar for 2020
The STC proposal for the 2020 village calendar to feature Parks and Shade Tree was submitted to Janet Fricke in mid-January. Carolyn Jacoby made a follow-up call one week later but has yet to receive a response.
March 12th Public Meeting
On Tuesday, March 12th, 7-9PM at the Ridgewood Library, arborist Colin Milde will present “Tree Care for Spring.” Two CEU’s are available for tree commission members.
Ian Keller will contact the library before the presentation to confirm set-up and availability of necessary equipment.
Earth Day
Susan Nashel and Carolyn Jacoby will be organizing the STC table at the Earth Day event in Van Neste Square. Two hundred tree whips will be available to give away to residents. Plans are being made to have a raffle for items such as pruners and pruning saws, a potted oak tree, and other tree related items. Stickers and/or tattoos to give away to children were also suggested. There will be an example of the right and wrong way to mulch trees. Signage needs to be designed for a table banner and table-top poster.
Funds of up to $1000 from the STC trust fund may be needed for signage (reusable) and the above items.
This expenditure needs to voted on at the next STC meeting where a quorum is present.
Completed Reports
The annual CFMP accomplishment report was submitted on time and accepted. Manish Shrimali did another excellent job on the report.
The annual Tree City application is being completed; the mayor’s signature is needed, and then the request for a proclamation certificate can be made.
The Urban and Community Forestry grant for a tree inventory has a maximum of $10,000.
Carolyn Jacoby will get a listing of governmental and non-governmental grants available from Pam Zipse of NJUCFP.
Pruning Plan
We need to follow-up with the Village administration regarding union issues with STC members doing minor (suckers, low branches) pruning on Village street trees.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM by: Andrew Lowry.
Minutes submitted by: Melody Corcoran
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