Tax Maps

Reproductions of the Village's Tax Maps are available by clicking on the links below. All maps show conditions as of October, 2007 and are not to scale. Full size copies can be obtained by contacting the Engineering Division. Before using them please review the Village's disclaimer below.

To find what sheet a street is on open up the Street Index below.  Locate the street name and the sheet number is next to it on the right.  In some case the street can be on multiple sheets.  If you know the Block Number you can determine what sheet it is on by the first two digits, (eg. 2303 is on Sheet 23). 


Street Index Key Sheet  
Sheet 11 Sheet 26 Sheet 39
Sheet 12 Sheet 27 Sheet 39.01
Sheet 13 Sheet 28 Sheet 40
Sheet 14 Sheet 28.01 Sheet 40.01
Sheet 15 Sheet 29 Sheet 41
Sheet 16 Sheet 30 Sheet 41.01
Sheet 17 Sheet 31 Sheet 42
Sheet 18 Sheet 32 Sheet 43
Sheet 19 Sheet 33 Sheet 44
Sheet 20 Sheet 34 Sheet 45
Sheet 21 Sheet 35 Sheet 46
Sheet 22 Sheet 36  Sheet 47
Sheet 23 Sheet 36.01  Sheet 47.01
Sheet 23.01 Sheet 37  Sheet 48
Sheet 24 Sheet 37.01  Sheet 49
Sheet 25 Sheet 38 Sheet 50

Printed maps, data, and or
digital files are being provided to you for your convenience by The Village of Ridgewood. Acceptance of these materials indicates acceptance of the Village's conditions for their use as outlined in the full disclaimer. To view the conditions click on the title above.

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