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Bergen County Board of Taxation
NJ Division of Taxation - Property Administration
Association of Municipal Assessors of NJ
NJ Association of County Tax Boards
NJ State League of Municipalities
Bergen County GIS Parcel Viewer
NJ DEP Bureau of Geographic Information Systems
U.S. Census Bureau - NJ Quick Links
U.S. Geological Survey - Maps
FEMA Flood Map Service Center

Articles & Papers:

Understanding Property Assessment Appeals
This presentation, compiled from a number of County Board of Taxation websites as well as the Division of Taxation, provides information on the appeal process at the County level in New Jersey.

Factors Affecting the Property Tax: A Media Guide to Property Tax Systems
Alan Dornfest, AAS and Chris Bennett
<spanThis article was published as the Featured Article in the December 2012 issue of the IAAO Fair & Equitable Magazine. Bio's of the authors appear on page 14 of the article.

A Brief History of Property Tax
Richard H. Carlson, Director of Valuation for the City of Boston
Originally delivered at the International Association of Assessing Officers 2004 Annual Conference, this paper was published in the IAAO Fair & Equitable Magazine in February 2005.

Forms of Government: Everything You've Always Wanted To Know, But Were Afraid To Ask
Michael F. Cerra, Senior Legislative Analyst, NJ State League of Municipalites
March 2007, New Jersey Municipalities Magazine.

Municipal Portion of Taxes is a Bargain 
Joseph Harnett, Township Manager, Montclair NJ
February 2007, New Jersey Municipalities Magazine.