Mission Statement: To provide a fair and equitable base for distributing property taxes, to educate the public in the process and provide access to a wealth of information pertaining to real property and sales of real property.

Program Description: Annually the Division of Assessments is responsible for accurately identifying, listing, and valuing all real property in the Village as well as defending the values. This requires the collection, interpretation and maintenance of data from numerous sources. Through the use of technology we are able to provide other departments and the public access to our database. The Division also administers numerous programs provided by New Jersey State Statutes including senior citizen, disabled persons and veterans tax deductions, farmland assessments, tax exemptions to eligible non-profit organizations, sales ratio, and annual assessment notifications.

Please call first to make sure someone is in the office. Our responsibilities often call for us to be out of the building. Every effort is made to keep the office opened and staffed.

PLEASE NOTE – All property record requests must be made VIA Village Clerk, by OPRA request.

Village Clerk - Donna Jackson - djackson@ridgewoodnj.net

Contacts - Assessor

  • Anthony Rinaldi Jr

    Email: tjrinaldi@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-670-5500;220

  • Renee Buono
    Keyboarding Clerk 2

    Email: rbuono@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-670-5500

Contacts - Building

  • Paul Kalksma
    Director Building Department\Building Subcode Official

    Email: pkalksma@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-670-5500;208

  • Yunny Feroz
    Technical Assistant to the Construction Official

    Email: yferoz@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-670-5500;211

  • Paola Perez
    Asst. Zoning Officer/Technical Assistant to the Construction Official

    Email: pperez@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-670-5500;212

  • Jane Wondergem
    Secretary to the Zoning Board of Adjustment

    Email: jwondergem@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-670-5500;240

  • Tracy Jeffery
    Code Enforcement Officer

    Email: tjeffery@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-670-5500;214

  • Carlo Madrachimov
    Building Inspector

    Email: cmadrachimov@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-670-5500;207

  • Frank Giordano
    Plumbing Subcode Official

    Email: fgiordano@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-670-5500;506

  • Paul Albanese
    Plumbing Inspector

    Email: palbanese@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-670-5500;506

  • John Young
    Fire Subcode Official

    Email: jyoung@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-444-7898

  • Steve Fetherman
    Electric Subcode Official

    Email: sfetherman@ridgewoodnj.net

    Phone: 201-670-5500


If you have any trouble with accessing information contained within this website, please contact Dylan Hansen - 201-670-5500 x276 or by email dhansen@ridgewoodnj.net.