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The Village of Ridgewood has entered an agreement to optimize the treatment process through the conversion of biogas at the Water Pollution Control Plant to electricity via anaerobic digestion, installation of solar arrays to produce additional electricity and the addition of ultraviolet light for wastewater disinfection. Renewable energy is expected to provide all the electricity required to operate the wastewater treatment plant.

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Paving Schedule

The 2016 paving program is expected to start on August 29, 2016.

For potholes, please call the Streets Department, 201-670-5585 or use the following weblink... Ridgewood Service Request System

Thank you for your patience

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Village Of Ridgewood 2016 Paving List

1                   Alpine             W. Glen                              Phelps
1                 Bogert #3           Meadowbrook                    E. Glen
1              Brookside #2        Spring                                 E.R.A.
1                    Elaine             Van Emburgh                     Dead End
1                    Foster              Watlington                         Prospect
1                  Gardner            Mountain                            Lincoln
1             Grandview #1       Highland                            McKinley
1             Grandview #2       McKinley                           West End
1                Heights #5          W. Glen                              California
1                Highwood          N. Broad                             High-Town Line
1               Hillcrest #5         Morningside                       N. Monroe
1                  Hope #2            Spring                                 E. Ridgewood
1             Kenilworth #1       Grove                                 Laurel
1             Kenilworth #2       Laurel                                 Spring
1             Kenilworth #3       Spring                                 E.R.A.
1                 Lawrence           Heights                               Dead End
1               Linwood #1         Oak                                     N. Maple
1                   Manor             Knollwood                         Lincoln
1            Morningside #2      N. Monroe                          Avondale
1            Morningside #3      Avondale                            Hillcrest
1            Morningside #4      Hillcrest                             Glenview
1                 Old Stone           N. Monroe                          End
1                Park Slope          Madison                             Monte Vista
1               Richards #1         Norman                              Parsons
1                S. Monroe          Godwin                              W. Ridgewood
1                    Smith              Townline                            N. Monroe
1                  Sterling            E. Glen                               Kensington
1                  Terhune            W. Saddle River                 East End
1                  Theyken            Van Emburgh                     Court
1                 Van Dyke           Midland Park Line             Farview
1                 Waiku #2           N. Monroe                          Wastena
1                Wellington          N. Monroe                          Shelbourne
1                 Wickham           Arrow                                 Westbrook
1             Wood Hollow       Eastgate Rd                        Court

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