Village Clerk


The Village Clerk's Office deals with the following areas:

1. Secretary to the Governing Body and Custodian of Records - Attends Village Council meetings, prepares and reviews minutes of meetings for Village Council's approval. Maintains all Village ordinances and resolutions on file. Handles Open Public Record Act (OPRA) Requests. Takes messages for Councilmembers.

2. Elections - Registers voters, runs all elections, has absentee ballot applications for voters.

- Application for Vote by Mail Ballot
- Solicitud De Voto Pr Correo

3. Licensing – The Village Clerk's Office performs the licensing of all raffles in the Village of Ridgewood, including tricky trays, casino nights, and 50/50 raffles. In addition, alcoholic beverage licensing including renewals, transfers, and social affair permits for groups and organizations is handled through the Village Clerk's Office.

4. General Liability Claims - The Village Clerk's Office handles the paperwork for claims against the Village. The Insurance Administrator processes and pays or denies all claims, after investigation.

5. Citizen Inquiries and Complaints - The Village Clerk's Office handles general inquiries about the Village of Ridgewood, as well as directing citizen complaints to the proper departments.

For information about obtaining a passport, please visit:

US Department of State Passport Information Web Site at the Bergen County Clerk's Web Site

Contacts - Village Clerk

  • Eileen Young
    Deputy Clerk


    Phone: 201-670-5500 ext. 2205

  • Joyce Magro


    Phone: 201-670-5500, ext. 2207


Monday to Friday

131 N Maple Ave
Ridgewood, NJ  07450

Phone: (201) 670-5500, ext. 5514
Fax: (201) 652-7623



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