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Bergen County Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program Hotline: (201) 807-5825

Household refuse is collected at the rear or sideyard of the home (rear yard) twice weekly: 

  • WESTSIDE PROPERTIES: Monday and Thursday - Westside routes include all homes west of Maple Avenue and those homes on Prospect Street and Maple Avenue.
  • EASTSIDE PROPERTIES: Tuesday and Friday - Eastside collection routes include all homes east of Maple Avenue on both sides of Route 17.
  • Place your refuse container(s) within 20 feet of the house at ground level, at the same location for each collection.
  • Refuse collectors may not enter any structure, i.e. garages or utility sheds. 

§ 165-19. Container specifications. 

[Amended 9-13-1988 by Ord. No. 2178; 10-13-1992 by Ord. No. 2375] 
A. Garbage and rubbish shall be stored in and collected from watertight metal or plastic waste cans not to exceed 32 gallons in capacity and 80 pounds in gross weight. 
B. Yard waste shall be stored in and collected from watertight metal or plastic waste cans not to exceed 32 gallons in capacity and 80 pounds in gross weight or in biodegradable paper bags of a minimum of 100 pounds wet strength, suitably sealed, which shall be collected with the contents thereof. 
C. Loose bulk refuse shall be placed out in disposal containers. The containers shall be suitable so that materials will not spill or overflow in the course of pickup. 
D. It shall be unlawful for any residential or commercial property owner, occupant or lessee to permit open or overflowing waste disposal bins on his or her property. 

Holidays: During holiday weeks please check the Village Calendar for proper collection days.


  • Bulk refuse is collected curbside on alternating Wednesdays, please check the Village Calendar for proper collection days. Bulk refuse is not collected during holiday weeks. 
  • Bulk refuse should be placed at the curb after 5:00pm the night prior to collection or before 6:00am on the day of collection.
  • Please place all loose items in disposable containers such as plastic bags. The Village will not be responsible for any non-disposable containers placed out on curbside days. 
  • The Village will not pick up materials over 100 lbs., tree stumps, dirt, rocks, concrete, or building materials.
  • Bulk refuse will not be collected from the beige Village Recycling Barrels or the green and blue Village Recycling Crates.

SANITATION COLLECTION IN SNOW OR ICY WEATHER: On days when snow or ice is forecast, residents will be required to bring their garbage cans to the curb for collection.  VOR staff will pick up garbage and recycling at the curb in snow or ice conditions.  An ice condition is when ice is present on driveways and sidewalks. 

Hazardous Waste: Household hazardous waste such as oil paint, thinners, insecticides, and antifreeze, should be saved and taken to the Bergen County Household Hazardous Waste Disposal events.  For event dates and additional information, please contact the Bergen County Utilities Authority at, or call their hotline at 201-807-5825. These events typically run from April through October. 

Latex (water-based) paint cans should be dried out and placed at the curb for bulk refuse collection.


If you have any trouble with accessing information contained within this website, please contact the MIS Department - 201-670-5500 x2222 or by email