This is Mayor Ramon Hache, with important information for you:

➢ As of this morning, all Bergen County parks have been completely closed to the public.  This means no one may use the County parks for any reason, including no walking, jogging or bicycling in these parks.  

➢ Some residents have considered holding “thank you” brigades for healthcare workers at Valley Hospital, with parades of cars, and we urge you not to do this, because it will cause distracted driving and create a greater potential for accidents.  If you wish to thank them, you could place signs in your yards to do so or donate meals.  

➢ If you are an older resident and need assistance or wish to volunteer to assist an older resident, please contact Council member Bernadette Walsh at or 201-410-2042.  

➢ Additional information about COVID 19, including the Governor’s and County Executive’s Executive orders, E-Notices, and links to other websites for information are on the Village website, and on the public access channels, Channel 77 for Optimum and Channel 34 for Verizon Fios.  

➢ Lastly, please stay home, and whenever outside of your home please practice social distancing from others according to the CDC guidelines, keep your children home so they do not congregate with their friends, and wash your hands frequently. We will get through this challenging time by working together. We will get through this. Remember that fear is temporary but hope is eternal. Stay healthy, stay home and encourage others to do the same and may God Bless.


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