20201007 - Village Council Public Workshop Agenda

October 7, 2020
7:30 P.M.


1.         7:30 pm – Call to Order – Mayor

2.         Statement of Compliance with Open Public Meeting Act

            Mayor: “Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by a posting on the bulletin    board in Village Hall, by mail to the Ridgewood News, The Record, and by submission      to all persons entitled to same as provided by law of a schedule including the date and          time of this meeting.”

3.         Roll Call – Village Clerk                                                                                                       

4.         Flag Salute/Moment of Silence

5.         Public Comments (Not to Exceed 3 Minutes per Person - 40 Minutes in Total)

6.         Manager’s Report

7.         Council Reports

8.         Discussion

            a.         Parking

                        1.         Extend Pilot Program for Grab and Go Spaces

                        2.         Train Station Parking Lot


            b.         Budget

                        1.         Vehicle Defeating Barriers – Police Department


            c.         Policy

                        1.         Continuation of Welcome Back to Ridgewood, NJ Event

            d.         Operations

1.         Update on NJDOT Decision – Warren Avenue/Glenwood Road


9.         Suspend Work Session and Convene Special Public Meeting


10.       Special Public Meeting – See Attached Agenda


11.       Motion to Adjourn Special Public Meeting and Reconvene Work Session

12.       Presentations

a.         Elks Club Design


13.       Discussion

            a.         Ridgewood Water  

1.         Award Lease – Wireless Telecommunication Antennas and Support Facilities at Glen Avenue Water Tank in Midland Park

2.         Award Contract Under State Contract – One Ford Super Duty F350 Truck Chassis & Body – Treatment Division

3.         Award Contract – Payment Processor


            b.         Parking – NONE

            c.         Budget

1.         Declare Property Surplus – Streets 1996 GMC Dump Truck

2.         Award Additional Contract – Wetlands for Kings Pond Restoration

3.         Award Contract – Snow Plowing Services

4.         Award Contract Under State Contract – Ten Portable Radios – Police Department

5.         Award Contract Under State Contract – Purchase Ammunition – Police Department

6.         Award Contract Under Cooperative Purchasing Contract – Self-Contained Auger Compactor – Recycling Department

7.         Award Contract – Second Year – Disposal of Recyclable Materials – Recycling Department

8.         Ridgewood Senior Citizen Housing Corporation

9.         Award Contract – 2021 Village Calendar

10.       Award Contract – Sale of Compost – Department of Public Works

11.       Award Contract Under Cooperative Purchasing Contract - Final Phase of Security Upgrade – Village Hall and Additional Items           


d.         Policy

1.         Discuss Exempt Certain Lighting Installed in a Right of Way

2.         Ordinance to Amend Graydon Pool Membership Fees and Tennis Membership Fees

3.         Change Start Date of Outdoor Cafes for 2021


e.         Operations                              

1.         Shared Services Agreement – E-Procurement Software Services (Bergen County)

2.         Draft – Affordable Housing Element and Fair Share Plan

3.         Draft – Affordable Housing – Unmet Need Ordinance

4.         Draft – Affordable Housing – Administrative Ordinance

5.         Acceptance of 2019 Annual Audit & Corrective Action Plan


14.       Review of October 14, 2020 Public Meeting Agenda

15.       Public Comments (Not to Exceed 5 Minutes per Person)

16.       Closed Session

a.  Legal – General Litigation Update; Lease of Public Property; One Village One Vote Litigation

b.  Personnel - FMBA Contract Negotiations

17.       Adjournment

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