Building Department


The Village of Ridgewood Building Department ensures the safe and lawful use of buildings and properties by enforcing the provisions of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code and local Zoning Regulations. We facilitate compliant development with integrity, efficiency and professionalism. We are committed to providing quality services to all citizens through innovation, continuous improvement, determination and excellence in customer service.


The Village of Ridgewood Building Department is committed to becoming a premier municipal building organization, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all and making our village safer. We are committed to improving our performance and developing procedures that are streamlined, understandable and transparent.

Name Position Phone
Anthony Merlino Director of the Building Department & Construction Official 201-670-5500, ext. 2281 131 N Maple Ave
Yunny Feroz Technical Assistant to the Construction Official 201-670-5500, ext. 2211 131 N Maple Ave
Paola Perez Asst. Zoning Officer/Technical Assistant to the Construction Official 201-670-5500, ext. 2212 131 N Maple Ave
Tracy Jeffery Code Enforcement Officer 201-670-5500, ext. 2214 131 N Maple Ave
Carlo Madrachimov Building Inspector 201-670-5500, ext. 2229 131 N Maple Ave
John Young Fire Subcode Official 201-670-5500, ext. 4116 131 N Maple Ave
Steve Fetherman Electric Subcode Official 201-670-5500, ext. 2213 131 N Maple Ave
Shawn Cowie Plumbing Subcode Official 201-670-5500, ext. 2208 131 N Maple Ave


If you have any trouble with accessing information contained within this website, please contact the MIS Department - 201-670-5500 x2222 or by email