Library Board of Trustees

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The Ridgewood Public Library is dedicated to providing information, education, culture and inspiration. We encourage our community to pursue lifelong learning and the enjoyment of books, programs and resources in a variety of formats.

We strive to offer the best possible library materials, staff, technology and facility, with ready and equal access for residents of all ages.


2017 Board of Trustees

The governing board for the Library works with the Director to set goals, objectives and policies, and secure funds to provide educational and cultural services to the public.


President                            Gail Campbell                    01/12 - 12/16

Vice President                   Arlene Sarappo                 01/14 - 12/18

Treasurer                            Daniel Cummings             01/16 - 12/20

Secretary                             Jean T. Cleary                     1/15-12/19

Member                              Janis Fuhrman                   01/14 - 12/18

Member                              Vikrant Arora                     1/17 - 12/18

Member                              Rei Shinozuka                    1/17 - 12/18

Mayor                                   Susan Knudsen                 07/16 -

Mayor's Delegate             Bernadette Walsh                       -

Superintendent                Dr. Daniel Fishbein         

Superintendent's Delegate          Linda Diorio       

Ex Officio            

Friends                                 Paul McCarthy                   Friends President

Foundation                         Betsy Giordano                 Foundation President

Foundation                         Carolyn Holt                       Foundation Rep

Library                                  Nancy Greene                   Library Director




2017 Meeting

Meetings are held in the Library’s Administration Conference Room, 3rd Floor 125 N. Maple Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450.