Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission
January 9, 2024, 7:30pm
Garden Room, Village Hall




Call to Order



Welcome new member Deborah Steinbaum. Minutes from December 12th meeting to be approved (thank you Tim). Holiday lunch for the Shade/Parks department crews provided an abundance of food and was greatly appreciated by all! Thanks Ian for generously helping to tip the donation scale! Hopefully next year, as the Parks crew is included, we can pool money and coordinate the lunch with the Parks Committee (Vicky Van Dyke:) (Carolyn, 3 mins).


Per Bylaws, at the first meeting of the year elections for STC officers needs to be held.

Please put your name forward for what Officer / Sub-committee position(s) you will take on this year. We especially need a Recording Secretary! Commit to participate in trainings and CEU programs. Vote to amend Bylaws to include that new members appointed from 2023 be Core Trained within the first 2 years of their term. Every member needs to accrue at least 2 CEUs per year. (Carolyn, 20 mins).




Update on revisions to Tree Ordinance and anticipated approval by the Village Council

(George/Siobhan, 10 mins).


2024 Budget - in municipal review.

Hopefully more will be reported out by our February meeting. (Andrew, 2 mins)


GIS/Tree Inventory reports.

Monies approved for Neil Gallone/GIS further software revisions and to provide reports as requested through Nancy Bigos. (Carolyn, Declan, 3 mins).

New Website - update on the content revisions

(Siobhan/Tim, 5 min).




Goals and Objectives for 2024.

Open discussion for All (30 mins).


Other items.