Water Pollution Control Facility

About Us

The WPCF is designed to treat an average daily flow of 3.0 million gallons per day.  Our collection system encompasses 90 miles of sanitary sewer drains throughout our village and a few cross connections between surrounding towns.  Unlike other systems, our stormwater drains are not connected to the sewer system and should not be confused.

Treatment consists of a series of biological operational processes that produce a quality final effluent that discharges into the Ho-ho-kus Brook.

Anything other than human waste, toilet paper, and water can cause damage and clog an existing pipe..  Foods, medications, cleaners, plastics, and oils should NOT be flushed.

Think liquid, not solid.

Did you know?

Proper Sink and Toilet Use

Using your sink and toilet as a trash can is dangerous for your plumbing, the sanitary sewer system, and the community.

Things to Avoid

ANYTHING other than toilet paper, water, and human waste

"Flushable" items are not biodegradable.

What to Do

If you have a backup into your house, call us.  We are available 24/7

Think Twice

Monitor your use to avoid future mishaps!