Handicap Placard Applications

The Ridgewood Police Records Bureau issues Temporary Handicap Placards.  They are valid for 6 months and are renewable once.  To receive a Temporary Placard:

1.  Fill out Section A (Applicant Information) completely.

2.  Have your doctor fill out Section B (Medical Practitioner's Certification) completely.

3.  Read Section C (Terms and Conditions).

4.  Sign and date the form.

5.  Return completed application to the Records Bureau with a CHECK or MONEY ORDER in the amount of $4.00 made payable to NJ MVC.  We do not accept CASH or CREDIT CARD.

6.  You must provide a valid drivers license for the applicant when you return the application & payment to be issued the Temporary Placard.

Note: If the applicant is 15 years or under, they may use their parent/guardian's drivers license.  Otherwise, a Bergen County ID is required for those without a license.

Temporary Handicap Placard Application (PDF)