1. Are Ridgewood firefighters trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)? 
    • Yes, Ridgewood professional firefighters are highly experienced and capable EMTs that are required by the State of New Jersey to be trained and certified. By law, firefighters must complete necessary Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for recertification.
  2. Currently, who responds to calls for emergency medical services and how do I know who they are?
    • Personnel from the Ridgewood Police Department and Ridgewood Fire Department respond to all medical emergencies within the Village 24/7 in a police car, fire truck and an ambulance.   The ambulance is staffed with Firefighter/EMTs (FF/EMTS).
    • If a second ambulance is requested at the same time, the same process is followed as above.
    • If a third or more ambulance is needed at the same time, the Village may call an outside agency (mutual aid) to assist.   This could be a neighboring town, The Valley Hospital or Bergen County Ambulance to name a few.
    • If you would like to know which FF/EMT responded to your emergency, you can email the Ridgewood Fire Chief
  3. Why is a fire truck dispatched on emergency medical calls?
    • Each emergency call is different and unpredictable. At times, more than two EMTs are needed for transport. Many times additional fire fighter personnel are required to assist with more severe patients including CPR as well as carrying patients, clearing pathways, moving furniture, and more.
  4. Are ambulance billing revenues assigned to any one department?
    • The revenue generated from ambulance billing goes towards a general revenue fund for the Village of Ridgewood. These funds offset costs to the taxpayer.