Billing FAQs

All patients who are treated and transported by our ambulance will be billed. We will use a third-party billing company to bill a patient's insurance company. Village residents or Village employees will not have to pay anything beyond what the insurance company provides. Non-residents will receive up to three bills, at which point the Village will have the option of cancelling the debt.

   2. Will I be billed for an emergency call even if I don't ride in the ambulance?

If no treatment was provided, there will not be a bill. If treatment is provided without transportation, a reduced bill may be issued.

   3. What will it cost me?

This program will collect money from a patient's insurance company and not from the patients themselves. The Village will collect payments from the insurance company and will not seek co-payments from our residents.

   4. What if I can't pay or don't have insurance to cover the cost? Can I still be treated?

Treatment will be provided prior to asking for any insurance information. No patient will be denied treatment or transportation. If the patient does not have insurance, a bill will still be sent; however, the Village will have the discretion to cancel the debt.

   5. If I am unable to pay my ambulance bill to whom can I appeal?

Please review the Hardship Waiver Policy and Application and contact our office at 201-444-8822. Option # 2.