About Us

The Ridgewood Police Department is comprised of 46 sworn Law Enforcement Officers, 3 sworn Parking Enforcement Officers, and 4 civilian staff members.  We proudly serve a community of approximately 26,000 residents and countless visitors to our businesses, medical facilities, houses of worship, and open spaces.  

Police Recruitment Policies

The Ridgewood Police Department will, through its recruitment and selection process, identify and employ the best candidates available for any open position. The Department will place emphasis on quality recruitment, in full compliance with the law, in order to yield benefits in terms of a lower rate of personnel turnover, fewer disciplinary problems, higher morale, better community relations, and more services. Although responsibility for recruitment exists with the Chief of Police, all Department personnel must personally be involved in the recruitment process. The Ridgewood Police Department is an equal-opportunity employer.

In order to most effectively serve the communities of New Jersey, it is important for law enforcement agencies to strive for workforces that reflect the diversity of the jurisdictions they serve and that can effectively interact with all community members. With this need in mind, in October 2020 the Legislature passed a law requiring each law enforcement agency in New Jersey to establish a program designed to ensure every agency was "comprised of law enforcement officers who reflect the diversity of the population of the community the agency is charged with protecting." NJ.S.A. 52:17B-4.10 et seq. (the "Act"). The Act directed the Attorney General to develop these Guidelines to ensure its uniform application.