Shade Tree Bylaws

Article I


It shall be the purpose of the Village of Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission (the "Commission" or "STC") to assist the Director of the Shade Tree Department to protect, preserve and conserve the existing tree canopy in the Village of Ridgewood and to promote the additional planting of shade trees. In its advisory capacity, the Commission may also research, investigate and recommend to the Village Manager and Village Council ideas for the planting, care and control of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery upon and within the Village of Ridgewood's boundaries.

Under the direction of the Council, Village Manager, or departmental director, STC may provide information, attention and expertise regarding trees. The Commission may provide assistance by fostering projects and partnerships either internally, or with the private sector to include but not limited to the following:

  • Educate residents and Ridgewood community about the environmental, economic and social benefits of shade trees in the Village
  • Potentially increase the number of shade trees in the Village by establishing a program or plan for the continued planting and preservation of shade trees
  • Promote awareness and vigilance of the health and safety of the shade trees and properties that may be affected by them
  • Identify and attract funding sources such as public/private grants, donations and other sources/ methods for fulfilling the purposes identified above.
  • Develop neighborhood tree related actions or activities.

Article II. Membership

The Shade Tree Commission shall consist of volunteer residents from the Village appointed by the Village Council. The Commission shall be comprised of nine regular members appointed for three year terms. No member of the Commission shall hold elected office or be a paid employee of the Village. All members shall serve without compensation.

Each year, the membership of the Commission shall elect a Chairperson, a Vice Chair and a Secretary for that upcoming year (hereinafter the "Officers). No member may hold more than one office at the same time. The elections shall take place at the first meeting of the new calendar year (reorganization) unless the majority of the members present at the first meeting of the new calendar year vote for an alternate date.

Article III. Powers and Duties

The Commission shall manage the business and affairs of the organization and may exercise and delegate any and all of the powers of the organization as it sees fit, subject only to restrictions imposed by local, state, or federal statutes and any resolution or ordinance pertinent to the Commission as adopted by the Village Council. Consistent with the authority granted to the Commission in Village Council Resolution 13-277, STC shall establish administrative policies to effect its purpose, establish organizational and project direction, establish operational goals and objectives, determine action to be taken and identify new objectives consistent with its purpose. Commission members shall actively participate in community outreach, grant and gift solicitation, and event and campaign planning.

Article IV. Meetings

Meetings of the Commission shall take place only if a quorum of the membership is present. A quorum will consist of a simple majority of the Commission's regular membership. A quorum is defined as five members of the Commission. A quorum of the Commission must be present to conduct business.

Regular meetings of the Commission shall be held 7:30 pm at Village Hall in the Garden Room the second Tuesday of every month or as otherwise determined by the Commission. STC may hold special meetings, meaning non-regular meetings, if the Chair, Vice-Chair or four other members deem necessary at any time upon twenty-four (24) hours' notice to the membership (including notice to the Council Liaison). Such notice may be verbal or in writing. Any change to the schedule of regular Commission meetings shall be given to the full STC membership and Council liaison in writing by email or hand delivery stating the place, date, and hour of any rescheduled regular meeting and shall be delivered at least ten days prior to the rescheduled date.

Article V. Absences, Resignation & Termination

Commission members are responsible to attend STC meetings in compliance with the absence policy set forth in Village Code § 64-12. If a member is unable to attend a regular or special Commission meeting, the member must notify the Chair or Secretary or Council liaison before the scheduled meeting.

Excessive absences: If a member is absent for more than three consecutive regular, special, or subcommittee meetings or is absent for 25% of Commission meetings in a year, the Village Council liaison will discuss the matter with the member. If the member no longer wishes to serve, the Council liaison will ask the member to submit a written resignation. If the member indicates that he or she wishes to continue serving on the Commission, no action will be taken. If the absences continue; however, the Council liaison will speak again to the member to determine the cause. The Village Council will then determine, in closed session, how to resolve the matter.

Resignation: Any member who wishes to resign from the Commission or from an appointed position as an STC officer prior to the end of their respective appointed term must make such request in writing and direct same to the Secretary and Chair of the Commission and Council liaison.

Termination: The Commission Chairman may ask the Council liaison to raise the issue of terminating an individual's membership with the Village Council.

Article VI. Vacancies

Vacancies in the membership of the Commission may be filled at any time by appointment of the Village Council. The appointment will be for the unexpired term of the vacating member.

Article VII. Annual Report

The Commission shall give an annual report to the Village Council on a date set by the Council or upon a requested date by the Commission. Any action contemplated by the Commission that requires Village Council approval shall be delivered and explained to the Council by the Council liaison and addressed by the Council in the normal course of Council deliberation. The Commission shall not take the contemplated action before the Village Council decides the matter.

Article VIII. Officers

In the event a vacancy occurs in any Officer's position, it shall be filled in the following manner until the next annual election:

  • Absence/vacancy of the Chair - The Vice Chair shall assume the office with full authority of the Chairperson position.
  • Absence/vacancy of the Chair and Vice-Chair - The Secretary shall assume the office with full authority of the Vice-Chair or in the event the Chair and Vice Chair are absent/vacant, the full authority of the Chair.
  • Secretary - The members of the Commission shall elect a Secretary at the next meeting scheduled after the resignation or termination of the Secretary.
  • The Village Council shall appoint replacements for all other vacancies.

Article IX. Duties & Responsibilities of Officers

The Officers shall possess such powers and perform such duties as the Commission shall determine.

The Chair of the Commission shall:

  • Preside at all meetings of the membership and all meetings of the Commission. The Chair shall perform all other duties customary to the position of executive or Chair or when uncertain, as directed by the membership of the Commission.

The Vice Chair of the Commission shall:

  • Perform such duties as the Chair may direct, or in the absence of the Chair, as the Commission may direct. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall preside over any meeting of the Commission in which the Chair is not present and perform all other duties and obligations of the Chair in his or her absence at Commission meetings or events.

The Secretary of the Commission shall:

  • Oversee the Notices for all meetings, maintain any minutes of the meetings if directed by the Chair;
  • Perform all other duties customary to the position of Secretary or as may be directed by the Chair or the Commission.

Article X. Annual Review

The Commission may review these Bylaws annually. In order to amend the Bylaws, a notice of the proposed amendment shall be delivered personally, electronically, or by mail to each member at least two weeks prior to the time of the vote on the proposed amendment. The Bylaws may be amended by a super majority of the voting Commission members.