20210401 - Green Ridgewood-Green Team Virtual Meeting Minutes

Green Ridgewood-Green Team Virtual Meeting Minutes 20210401


Green Ridgewood: Bob Upton, George Wolfson, Ellie Gruber, Christine Amundsen, Yvone Nava, Beth Creller, Mary Mogerley (Parks & Recreation Rep), Saurabh Dani (School Board Rep), Pam Perron (Village Council Liaison).

Green Team: George Wolfson, Bob Upton, Ellie Gruber, Anthea Zito, Tony Mauriello, Abby Clothier (Student Liaison).

Additional: Miles Luo (RHS), David Refkin, Lynn Needle.

1. Welcome/Introductions:

Apologies had been received from Diala Pharaon, Jill Fasano and Justin Manger for being unable to attend.

Again, we extend thanks to Dylan Hansen for hosting us on Zoom.

2. Approve March meeting minutes:

Christine proposed and Pam seconded approval of the draft minutes from the March meeting which had been e-mailed to members on 3/12. Motion passed with no objections.

3. Membership/Recruitment:

Pam said the open Green Team resident member position will be discussed at the April 7th Village Council work session.

4. Communications: Website, Social Media, Sustainable Ridgewood, etc:

It was noted that ANJEC is offering a webinar “Social Media Engagement for Environmental Commissions” on April 8th. Beth plans to attend.

Glen Rock EC has asked us to promote their virtual EV event scheduled for April 20th.

5. Green Team/Sustainable Jersey

Silver Recertification: In the absence of Justin and Mike owners of SJ Actions were again reminded to work on them.

6. Sustainable Bergen Hub:

(a) The “March” meeting, hosted by Allendale, is scheduled for April 5th. Agenda awaited.

 (b) The Single Use Plastics sub-committee met via Zoom on March 8th and discussed Trex programs, brainstormed getting County/BCUA support.

(c) The Hub Styrofoam Sub-Committee has not met since our last meeting.

(d) Creative Bergen – Anthea’s plans for a Ridgewood event as part of the June County-wide Arts Amble are crystallizing to include the outdoor dance performance by Lynn Needle’s Art of Motion and a procession to the James Rose Center where an art exhibit will take place. Green Ridgewood will benefit as a sponsor of the event. Costs associated with the event will include payments to dancers, exhibit venue and Arts Amble program fee, only a small part of which will be covered by exhibit fees from the artists. Therefore Ellie proposed and Mary seconded a $500 donation to the event from Green Ridgewood funds which will cover the payment to the dancers. In favor Bob, Christine, Beth, Mary, Saurabh & Pam; opposed by George, noting his opinion that while content may be developing, production development has not advanced to a point worthy of investment. Motion carried.

7. Green Ridgewood Styrofoam Sub-Committee:

Plans for the Ridgewood/Bergen Hub Styrofoam collection for Saturday April 17th, rain date April 24th, remain unchanged since last month’s minutes. Yvone will schedule a final Zoom planning meeting. Volunteers are asked to contact her.

8. RGEA (Renewable Government Energy Aggregation) sub-committee:

Pam, Christine, Beth and George addressed the Village Council at their March 24th workshop to address questions raised at the previous presentation related to historical costs for PSE&G sourced electricity and existing RGEA’s elsewhere. The Council suggested further study. The planned Town Hall meeting for residents is still scheduled for April 29th at the library via Zoom.

9. Earth Day Projects

The multimedia project outlined at our March meeting is currently in progress. Students from the United Nations Association of the United States, Northern New Jersey Chapter, Youth & Community Engagement Committee are interviewing representatives from participating NNJ towns.

George also reported that the Youth Environmental Council which he and Mike are leading will hold a nature trail and composting event at Habernickel Park on April 24th.

10. Planning Board:

The Planning Board has had one meeting since our last meeting with no matters of concern to our committees. We wait to see how the Board will address the incorporation of Climate Change into the Master Plan as required by state law. David Refkin restated his concerns for the Village to address resiliency issues and has documented them in an e-mail to Pam and Mike asking what the Council and Planning Board will do to address these concerns. George suggested the League of Municipalities, ANJEC, Rutgers and Sustainable Jersey as organizations to bring into this discussion.

11. Grants:

After reviewing Anthea’s proposal from last year for a no-mow area to be supported by an ANJEC or Sustainable Jersey grant we realized that there is insufficient time to address the concerns raised last year in time for this year’s deadlines. No other projects were proposed.

12. Food Waste Pilot:

Pilot program participants have now been delivering food waste to the Recycling Center for several weeks.

Miles noted that Ridgewood High School students plan to start a food waste composting program in the Fall.

13. Ridgewood Library Sustainability Series:

Members were reminded the April 21st event in this series will be a presentation “Geothermal Energy Demystified” which Green Ridgewood has been asked to promote and assist.

14. Adopt-a-Drain:

Further to discussion last meeting, Bob again suggested we might create such a program in Ridgewood if someone would lead it.

15. Community Supported Agriculture

Information was sent to members before the last meeting. Mixed opinions were expressed as to whether a local drop spot is needed. No decision made.

16. New Business:

George noted that he and Pam had focused on restaurants for our recent Green Business program but now suggests expanding to all village businesses. He asks all committee members to send him suggestions as to what questions and issues should be included.

17. Next Joint Meeting will be Thursday May 6th at 7:00 PM, venue to be advised.