Parks, Recreation and Convervation Board Minutes 20170627

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June 27, 2017
Present:  Chair Rich Brooks, Vice Chair David Sayles, Mary Mogerley, Michael Winogard, BOE Liaison Jim Morgan
Absent: Parker Weil, Village Council Liaison Ramon Hache, Lou Lembo, William Riker
Director Tim Cronin, Deputy Director Nancy Bigos, Assistant  Parks Superintendent  Daniel Cramblitt, Resident and President of the NE NJ Beekeepers Association  Frank Mortimer , Residents and members of the NE NJ Beekeepers Association  Bob Jenkins, Ian Keller
May 2017 , No questions
Approval of Minutes: May 2017 Approved , no changes Correspondence: HealthBarn USA, Letter 5/31/2017
Stacey Antine, founder of HealthBarn USA, sent a letter to the Mayor and Village Council. It has been a little over a year since HealthBarn has officially been providing services to Village residents and the community at large. Although S. Antine sends quarterly reports to H. Mailander and N. Bigos, she felt she would like to share some
highlights from the HealthBarn's programming demonstrating the necessity and
enthusiasm for this unique healthy-lifestyle experience .
Bergen County Social Services partners with HealthBarn for a weekly healthy-lifestyle program for their special needs students. HealthBarn is also the host of a great many school field trips and is the subject of hundreds of letters they receive as a result of enrichment writing assignments from various schools.
The HealthBarn has integrated into the community and has become a community center as well; they assist local Girl and Boy Scouts in their programs and projects. HealthBarn is very involved with nature, ecology and the Community Gardens. When it came to the attention of Stacey Antine that seniors at Ridgecrest were not eating properly and were undernourished, HealthBarn stepped up and began a healthy meal program with Healing Meals to provide healthy, nutritious meals delivered to them.
HealthBarn provides programs for children 2-4, 3-5, 5-7 and 7-12, special needs, seniors, the Fire Department and Ridgewood High School among others. They are rotated through a variety of activities. HealthBarn generates greater use of the park by our residents as well as an increase of participants in their many programs and imparting them with a better knowledge of nutrition and healthy living.
As an aside, Stacey Antine received the Bergen County's Women's History Month's Trailblazer Award for Labor and Business. Stacey also served as the keynote speaker for the event.
As the result of this letter, a conversation ensued and the general consensus was that the Health Barn has been a good partner and a huge supporter of Ridgewood and the Ridgewood Schools.
Bergen County Open Space
Assistant Parks Superintendent - Daniel Cramblitt
Daniel Cramblitt began employment with the Village on July 3rd.  He was introduced to all and welcomed to the Village of Ridgewood.
"Bee City USA" - Frank Mortimer, Bob Jenkins, Ian Keller
Resident , Frank Mortimer is the President of the Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Associat ion. He also holds a class "The Art of Beekeeping" at Ramapo College once a month and works with Rutgers University to show the importance of all pollinators, there are 400 species. Frank loves the Village of Ridgewood and he is passionate about bees as are a number of other residents. He would be happy to see them come together and have the Village be the first in New Jersey to join "Bee City USA".
"Bee City USA" is a nonprofit national organization that galvanizes communities to sustain pollinators. Bees are in trouble, they are one of many pollinators that are responsible for 1 in 3 bites we eat and the reproduction of 90% of the world's wild plant species. We need to provide pollinators with a healthy habitat, rich in a variety of native plants and nearly free of pesticides. "Bee City USA" raises awareness of the role pollinators' play in our communities and what each of us can do to provide them with healthy habitats. One important point F. Mortimer strongly stated was that bees do not swarm; they only go to
the food source. He felt it imperative that all understand as many believe this to be so and
are afraid of that possibility .
The Ridgewood Conservancy , Ridgewood Environmental and Women Gardeners of Ridgewood would like to bring pollinators  into prominence.  These groups would like to raise awareness to the plight of our dwindling pollinator population as they are vital to feeding the  planet.
If the Village Council approves the resolution being discussed today, The Village may send in the application for approval. Once the application has been approved they will be able to endorse and institute a set of commitments for creating sustainable habitats for pollinators next year. The Village will become certified as a "Bee City Affiliate". There are currently 49 cities committed to this effort and the Village of Ridgewood would be the first in this state and hopefully will lead other cities to follow their example .
The Village of Ridgewood will be officially "Bee City USA Village of Ridgewood" and will need a dedicated committee. N. Bigos a beekeeper herself will be head of the Ridgewood Chapter.
R. Brooks proposed a motion to send the resolution to Village Council and support the application. 0. Sayles seconded and all were in favor. It will probably go to Council in the August session.
Grant Application
T. Cronin met with H. Mailander concerning the Bergen County Open Space Application. The Village of Ridgewood is requesting $100,000.00 from Bergen County, $100,000.00 from Open Space and the balance of the money from the funds of the Village. This grant is going to be used to re-turf the Maple Park multi-purpose athletic field. The deadline for applications is Friday,June 30th.
T. Cronin also mentioned the Schedler house grant application deadline is also Friday, June 301
90 Foot Baseball Diamond
Green Acres Parks
Sub-Committee  Report
R. Brooks spoke with R. Hache. There is not much new to report and does not know when the next meeting will be held regarding the 90 Ft. diamond.
Diversion Update -
None of the residences that were under consideration wish to sell;there are others sited and they have been forwarded to legal.  Some sites to be considered, the Friends (Quakers) property the PS&G Right of Way (which is in default), the old farmhouse on Glen Ave and there is also a piece of property in front of Glen School.
2017 Graydon Pool National Register of Historic Places
Graydon Park was put forth to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the State Historic Preservation Office and was found eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.
Once the ordinance has passed there will be a lack of control of what services and renovations can be performed at Graydon Park.  For instance skylights will probably not be allowed and it will not be easy to renovate the baths. Once a place has been deemed historical you cannot change much without permission from the New Jersey Historical Preservation  Division.
Estimates to refurbish the bathrooms were received and they were deemed to be an inordinate amount of money, therefore the plans are on hold.
It was mentioned that the PRC would be interested in seeing the numbers for revenue from badge sales. It would be interesting to see if the membership grew or if the usual members decided to buy their badges early to take advantage of the discount.
Today, June 27th was the day for Ridgecrest residents to enjoy Graydon Pool. Badlands Taco presented discounts on food and beverages. The Village Council members were there as well.
New Business

Liaison Reports
D. Sayles will revisit the wireless program for Graydon Pool. There are other municipalities that employ wireless at their facilities. He will speak with Matt Rogers as well.
Village Council - R.  Hache No Report - Absent
Board of Ed - J. Morgan
The school buildings are 100 years old and they require $40 ,000,000.00 in upgrades that
will need to be done. This will be heard a lot more in the coming year .
Open Space Committee - M. Mogerley
The Open Space Committee will give their presentation to Village Council tomorrow, June
1 There is nothing new to report.
Fields Committee - R. Hache/ R. Brooks
Changes to field policy are to be discussed. There is a need to come to an agreement on documentation for groups and for running a program. For example: Opposing groups having camps in competition with each other. Another item mentioned was the determination of being an active member. For instance you are not an active member unless you come to X amount of meetings. It is a disjointed policy and there is also talk of cost vs. charges.
Shade Tree Commission - T . Cronin They talked of doubling meetings.
Shade Tree has asked Parks and Recreation to remove all dead, deformed trees in the Central Business District. They also want to redesign the tree wells brick work . Shade Tree will also need trees to plant after the redesign.
Community Center Advisory Board
They are brain storming to set new goals and institute funding for the Community Center, which includes establishing a sub-committee to establish new ideas for fund raising.
They also discussed Summer Camp.  Project Pride
This was discussed in Shade Tree.
Conservancy for Ridgewood Public Lands - N. Bigos
The Conservancy gave their presentation for the Children's Sensory /Butterfly Garden to the Village Council. This was approved. The Conservancy is now working on phases for the Children's Sensory Garden and the fundraising to make it happen.
Ridgewood Arts Council - L. Lembo No report - Absent
Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Council (REAC) No report
Next Meeting Adjournment
Tuesday , September 25, 2017 at the Stable, 7:30 pm
9:30 PM