Parks, Recreation and Convervation Board Minutes 20190528

Date : May 28, 2019
Attendance: Present:  Chair Rich Brooks, Vice Chair Dave Sayles, Liz Kloak, Jean Epiphan, BOE Liaison Jim Morgan
 Absent: Village Council Liaison Ramon Hache, Mary Mogerley, William Riker, Director Nancy Bigos
Also Present: Marge Anderson, Sam Bernstein
Public Comment &
Correspondence: None
Minutes: Minutes for March 2019 were approved with motions made by D, Sayles and L. Kloak second motion.  No questions, no changes were made.
PRC Board Member Appointments/Reappointments
Appointments There are currently two positions open on the PRC Board. Jean Epiphan was welcomed to the PRC Board tonight.  She is a lifelong resident of Ridgewood, she is employed at Rutgers University and her background is in forestry.   
Presentation Presentation/Maple Park Lighting – Florian Weispfenning
Florian presented the lighting project which entails installing a permanent LED light structure system that delivers superior light control, is energy efficient, simplifies installation and ensures better reliability. He stated that the LED lights will not produce light beyond the area you wish to have lit, which will be a positive point. F. Weispfenning met with Musco Lighting and was impressed with the company and the quality of the lighting system.  He also mentioned Musco Lighting is a co-op member.  The approximate cost for the project is $400,000.00 total with no maintenance for 30 years and would take about two weeks to install. A proposal should be received from Musco Lighting by April 12th.  The project will be financed by the Open Space Grant (letter of intent has already been submitted), money from the Open Space Trust and the sports organizations.  It will need community support and there will be a public hearing.
F. Weispfenning met with C. Rutishauser, J. Mehandzic and an electrician about 3 weeks ago.  The Engineering Department will be heading the project.  He also met with Fields Committee twice and PRC Board (the meeting tonight was the formal presentation). There was a meeting with the various sports organizations as well, to work on dividing the cost; financially it will be divided according to who utilizes it most often and so on. He will need to meet with the Village Manager, H. Mailander and CFO, R. Rooney.  It was pointed out that the neighbors should be informed and spoken with before the lighting project goes public.  N. Bigos mentioned the neighbors would probably welcome the lighting instead of the towers currently being used.  Furthermore, consulting with the neighbors should be done before going before the Village Council.

Master Plan Our Village, Our Future…Master Plan
 No report
Kings Pond Park Phase I Update –
 No report.
Schedler Property Grant for House
 Application approved as NJ State Historical Site
Bergen County
Open Space Grant Application/2019 Letter of Intent
 The Letter of Intent is due.  It has been sent to Hackensack in the amount of $130,000.00 for the June lighting project at Maple Park.
Waterfowl Management Geese Peace- The Health Department will be assuming the responsibility of administering the program.  They are offering a training/refresher course for those who are interested. The addling of the eggs made a significant difference in the past.  
Daffodil/Earth Day Sunday, April 14, 2019 at Van Neste Memorial Park
   “Discover our parks…Live, Learn and Play” Parks and Recreation Department, REAC and CRPL are hosting this event this year. Invitations have been mailed to many groups, vendors, organizations and individuals inviting them to participate in this year’s event.
 Currently, there are 13 sponsors and is moving along, it is fantastic.
Recreation Recreation - 
N. Bigos distributed spring brochures and the April/May Programs to each member of the PRC Board.
Liaison Reports Village Council – R. Hache
   No report
 Board of Ed - J. Morgan
 No Report

Open Space Committee - D. Sayles
No Report
        Fields Committee – R. Brooks
• The fields schedule is finalized for the spring.
• Presentation for permanent lighting at Maple Park – covered.
• The batting cages were well received.
• The backstops at Stevens Field were taken down.  Dr. Fishbein stated the backstops were being destroyed by Lacrosse and out of town T-Ball.  K. Cooke is working on this.
        Shade Tree Commission – N. Bigos 
 No report
                                   Community Center Advisory Board 
. Deanna Schablik, who administers the Community Center, gave a presentation on the proposed Rules of Conduct for the Community Center.  The Village needs guidelines in place for everyday use of the Community Center. The main concern is safety.  The Village employees and Police Department need to have these guidelines in place legally to ensure the safe and proper functioning of the Community Center and the employees and visitors to the Center.
 D. Schablik is seeking approval from the PRC so she may bring this matter before the Village Council.  Each member of the Board was given a copy of the proposed “Rules of Conduct” and in turn each member agreed and approved her proposal to put these rules in effect and bring this before the Village Council for their approval. 
 Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee (REAC) - M. Mogerley
No report

Next Meeting  Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at the Stable, 7:30 pm
Adjournment  9:15 PM
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