Parks, Recreation and Convervation Board Minutes 20170131

Date   January 31, 2017
Attendance Present:  Chair Rich Brooks, Lou Lembo, Mary Mogerly and Village Council Liaison Ramon Hache
 Absent: BOE Liaison Jim Morgan, Parker Weil
Also Present Director Tim Cronin and Deputy Director Nancy Bigos
Correspondence None
Approval of Minutes Unable to approve, lack of quorum                     
Director’s Report        There were no questions. Unable to approve due to lack of quorum.
Vice Chair  Tabled
Department Tim Cronin is retiring December 2017.  There is a meeting February 1 at Village Hall
Reorganization            discussing the options. T. Cronin is in the process of the reorganization of the Parks
 and Recreation Department and will apprise the Board going forward.
Large Special Event: There is a need to develop a large special event policy (over 80 people) as the  
Park Use – Policy department receives 15-25 requests for festivals and special events each year. Requests range in size from a couple dozen to hundreds of people so the need for a policy for private use in a public space is important. Need rules and fees, as well as various approvals in planning events.  As it stands now it falls to Tim. He also has to see who is available; for set up, take down and clean up. The Parks Department employees supply manpower. There is no resource in the department to handle the amount of interest. Should we have a special events coordinator? If so, as part of which department?  Recreation/Leisure has become a sophisticated business.  We must also consider that all sports groups, local social and service organizations hold fundraisers or special events in Municipal parks and on Municipal fields.
Graydon Pool Concession Bid - Mike Sims bid again this year.  Three packets were sent out – Chestnut Deli, East Coast Burger and Badlands Taco.  Bid opening being set for February 15th.  If there are any special events at Graydon Pool the vendor will have first option in supplying the food for the event.
Graydon Pool Badges - There is an Ad-Hoc group with thoughts regarding operations and badge sale incentives. There were several ideas discussed:
• Early Bird Discount – Would result in a loss of $15,000.00
• Raise Guest Badges to $15.00 – Residents like this idea
• Guest Book Coupons – This is not a viable option
• Late Season Badge – This was a favorable option and one that could create a variety of discounts. $60 and $55 was discussed for after August 1.
The biggest problem with discounts is loss of revenue that would affect the budgeted amount of money for 2017 as well as the amount for 2018.  It will also affect the tax rate next year. It was also mentioned that we sold less seasonal badges and more daily badges in 2016. As to the problem of requests for increased bathing hours                                                                
the difficulty is in obtaining safe staffing levels. Our lifeguards require a Waterfront Lifeguard Certification for black water, CPR, AED and more certification hours than regular lifeguards.  It is 130 hours just for American Red Cross certification.  Investing of funds was also discussed for pool improvements. Renovation of restrooms, adding WIFI and seasonal locker rentals were mentioned.
Bergen County Parks
Master Plan Bergen County Parks are going forward with their Parks Master Plan.  The County is working with Rutgers on what Bergen County residents’ needs are for the future.  They have placed a survey online to assess the active/passive needs of the public going forward and which parks, facilities are used most/least. 
New Jersey Parks and Recreation have 7 districts in the state.  We are District 1, which encompasses Bergen, Passaic and Hudson County.  N. Bigos suggested that we be proactive and host an Opportunity Night with the County.  We could raise the level of awareness with the Village residents with a community information session as we do have the Ridgewood Duck Pond, which is a County park in the Village.  It would be a good time to discuss the problems with the Duck Pond.  R. Hache mentioned that he has a contact and remarked that the League of Women Voters is very good and would be helpful.
Green Acres A diversion problem exists.  In 1978 a pocket park on S. Broad was sold to the Bergen County Housing Authority.  You cannot sell any parkland and still receive Green Acres funding.  If you sell a piece of parkland you have to buy another parcel of land with similar characteristics and penalty of buying 5 times the acreage to replace it.  Although we bought 29 acres at substantial cost, we will be unable to submit applications for Green Acres grant money.  This includes receiving money that is already owed to us for the Habernickel Park.
A meeting was held with the Green Acres representative in Ridgewood a few weeks ago and she will take our case to an in-house review instead of bringing it up for State review.  We are waiting to hear what the decision will be from Green Acres.

Parks Maple Park
Turf field Update – Maple Park has the Duraspine model of turf.  Matt Rogers arranged a meeting with Field Turf, the company that manufacturers the turf to see what our options are, as the field is past its warrantee.  It was only warranted for 8 years, it is now 12 years old. The basis of the lawsuit is that the field did not perform as marketed by the manufacturer, it states false advertising.  This will be reviewed at the State level.  The company does not write refund checks, they replace at a special discount price.  Once field replacement price is given we will decide on joining the class action suit or not.  The price we have been given is 89000 sq. feet @ $581,000, but we are awaiting the new pricing structure.
                                   Kings/Gypsy Pond Open Space Grant Application
 The Japanese Knotweed eradication has been completed. This required 3 sprayings. We filed for clean up and fencing.  We are waiting, probably spring.
Schedler Property
Grant – funds will be utilized for the cleanup of the property.  Staff was instructed to design a plan that does not include a sports field.  Jovan is designing; he will supply several different plans for Schedler.  As for playing fields, Council asked for alternate design without 90 foot diamond. The question of a 90 foot diamond playing field was mentioned in discussion.  We only have one at Vets Field.  Lower Hawes was discussed for location of the 90 foot diamond but there is a lack of parking as well as problems placing the varsity field into the allotted space.  To accommodate the field, the Village would have to cut into the woods and might have to have permission from the County to do so as they possess property there.  Once a plan is decided on it will be presented to Council.
HealthBarn New exciting programs are being offered:
• Winter Story Time Adventure (6 weeks)
• Winter Celebration in collaboration with Parks and Recreation
• Healthy Heart Meals and Nutrition in collaboration with the Fire Department
• Community Service Healthy and Nutritional Meals
 Stacey will be aiding community service with the senior citizens needs at Ridgecrest Housing, having realized the need for nutritional aid for some members of our community.  HealthBarn is now making needed healthy meals for the Ridgecrest residents as many are undernourished.  The group is in need of a free standing freezer and is in the process of procuring one.  However they need to transport it. T. Cronin offered a truck with a lift gate to help them in the transportation of the freezer.  However, he will need the dimensions of the freezer to be sure it will fit in the truck.  He will also need permission of Village Council to use the truck for this endeavor. R. Hache had another thought, to approach local restaurants and businesses such as Panera as he has seen them throw out a lot of food each day as they always must have fresh supply on hand.
2017 Budget- 2017 Departmental Budget/Capital – hearing dates
The Budget has been completed and submitted; the pool needs to be updated. The dates for budget hearings are February 6, 9, 16, and 17, but have been amended to March 3, 9, 15 and 27 with Parks and Recreation hearing on March 9th. 
New Business Member appointments were discussed.  We should have new members by our March meeting.
Committee Reports Village Council – R. Hache
 There is a viable design for the parking garage on Hudson. 
• Potential for Village owned retail space on ground level.
• There are 3 stories, 4 levels (one down) 2300 spaces.  Will need an easement from E. Ridgewood Ave. businesses lot, Fire Chief has already approved it.
• Raise top level, gain around 350 spaces.
• Permits for  short term rentals (less than 30 days)
 Board of Ed - J. Morgan
 No Report
Open Space Committee - M. Mogerley
        Last 2 meetings have been cancelled due to lack of quorum. 
In the process of finalizing needs analysis of the Village for Open Space.
       Fields Committee – R. Hache/ R. Brooks
 In the process of finalizing list of 425 households for survey, also update for Master Plan.
Resolution 16-99 checklist has been approved and recommended for adoption.  Certification of proper business practices, Checklist must be on file and maintained for groups.  Spring field schedule is completed.  March 1st High School sports begin and on March 10 Lacrosse begins their schedule.

. Shade Tree Commission – T. Cronin 
The Community Forestry Plan has been approved; the Village received our certificates and is now eligible for grants.  Also CEU certified.  Engineering and Shade Tree are on board for a new way of paving streets which enables planting trees at the same time, this will save money and has a lot of support.  There has been $100,000 carved out of the budget for tree planting.
Community Center Advisory Board - L. Lembo
High School requires a list in writing for the type of art needed for Senior Center. 
The Community Center is working on issues that affect our senior citizens.  Aging in Place hold meetings regularly, they invite all members to attend every 4th Thursday of the month.  Also, Pedestrian Safety meetings are very helpful to seniors. All are invited to the Community Center Foundation meeting on Friday, March 31 in the courtroom.
   Project Pride - Open
        No report
    Conservancy for Ridgewood Public Lands - N. Bigos
        Annual appeal for fundraising is the priority, letters have been sent.
   Ridgewood Arts Council - L. Lembo
 No report.
Next Meeting  Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Adjournment  9:30 PM
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