Date:   February 19, 2019
Attendance: Present:  Chair Rich Brooks, Vice Chair Dave Sayles, Mary Mogerley, Michael Winograd, BOE Liaison Jim Morgan
 Absent: Village Council Liaison Ramon Hache, William Riker, Liz Kloak
Also Present: Director Nancy Bigos, Matthew Rusch presenting Eagle Scout project, Bill Bond RBSA Board member
Public Comment &
Correspondence: None
Minutes: Minutes for January 2019 were approved after an adjustment to the BOE report, with motions made by D. Sayles and M. Mogerley second motion.  All were in favor and minutes approved.
PRC Board Member
Appointments There are currently two positions open on the PRC Board. M.Mogerley former board member is seeking reappointment and has submitted appropriate documentation.
Presentation Presentation by Matthew Rusch Eagle Scout Project –
Matthew presented his Eagle Scout project which entails placing a permanent stone table and two chairs with an inlaid chessboard in the James TenHoeve Plaza. The project will include a bronze plaque dedicated to all Ridgewood veterans. He also plans to add plants and shrubs to the site with maintenance by boy scouts in the future. The approximate cost for the chess table and chairs is $1,100.00, plaque $200.00 and plants $100.00. Matt intends to raise funds with a garage sale. He will also solicit donations from nurseries in the area to reduce the cost of the project. A handout was presented to the board members outlining the project. Matt will be presenting his project to the Village Council for approval.
Presentation by Bill Bond, Batting Cages at Veterans Field –
Bill Bond, an RBSA Board member, presented plans to improve and replace the batting cages at Veterans Field. The new structure will be narrower and increases the number of cages to three. The plans for an inlaid border around this structure will make it easier to maintain the lawn around the cages and allows for use of the space when the cages are removed. Handouts were presented to the board. Plans were discussed for the Fields Committee to have Bill Bond make a presentation at the next meeting.

Master Plan Our Village, Our Future…Master Plan
 D. Sayles has tried to reach out to the Planning Board about being part of the committee and has had no response. The Committee is meeting with The Guild at the library February 20th to discuss the Master Plan. N. Bigos will send a letter by email inviting all members of the Master Plan Committee and Open Space Committee to the next PRC Board meeting. Agenda is to discuss where the PRC Board and Open Space fit into the structure of the new master plan.
Kings Pond Park Phase I Update –
 Application plans has been submitted to the DEP and the construction planning is moving forward.
HealthBarn  4th Quarter Report/Review -
 Director N. Bigos reported that HealthBarn partnership and is responsible for bringing additional revenue of $50,000.00, due to this partnership with the Village. HealthBarn is still under siege by some of its neighbors; recently the village employees are hampered due to the overwhelming number of OPRA requests on anything having to do with HealthBarn.
Management Geese Peace-
 10 years ago the Village and volunteers conducted this program and the numbers of geese dropped significantly. The process is being discussed between the Parks and Recreation Department and the Health Department. The goose problem exists on many Village fields and the Health Department will be assuming this responsibility.   
Daffodil/Earth Day Sunday, April 14, 2019 at Van Neste Memorial Park
   “Discover our parks…Play, Live and Learn” Parks and Recreation Department, REAC and CRPL are hosting this event this year. Invitations have been mailed to many groups, vendors, organizations and individuals inviting them to participate in this year’s event.
Recreation Recreation - 
Summer Camp Fair Participation – Recreation Division participated in a county wide informational event held at the Community Center. 35 vendors participated in this event. Staff put together summer program material to be displayed and dispersed. New middle school programs are being offered this year.
NRPA Grant Application – Recreation Division was chosen nationally to work with the NRPA to train our trainers and put together a program for our Aging in Place population. The program entitled “Fit n Strong” is a program designed to help seniors increase their mobility regardless of physical limitations. This 12 week program was developed through the CDC and NRPA. It is to be held at the Community Center.
American Red Cross – We have re-established our partnership with the American Red Cross as a licensed provider for lifeguarding and adaptive aquatics. We are hiring ARC subcontractors to teach our adaptive aquatics programs. These are new programs being offered at the Graydon Pool this summer. Ridgewood families have requested these programs for their children.

Liaison Reports Village Council – R. Hache
   No report
 Board of Ed - J. Morgan
 BOE moved the election to April. The current board members whose terms would expire in December will now terminate in April 2020. Legally a municipality can’t shorten an election term but the term may be extended. The budget will be voted on April 2019. BOE is looking to restore the stadium field in 2019 and has asked for an accounting of the field’s maintenance fees. The request for information has been sent to the Village Managers office.

Open Space Committee - D. Sayles
This committee is waiting for three members to be reappointed by the Village Council since their terms expired in 2018.
                                   Fields Committee – R. Brooks
The fields schedule is being finalized for the spring.
There will be a formal presentation for permanent lighting at Maple Park to the PRC Board at the March meeting. R.Brooks presented an overview of the current problems with the use of diesel generator light towers currently in use by the sports teams. The generators are noisy, produce exhaust fumes; they don’t provide adequate lighting and any ball that travels above 25 ft. can’t be seen. Permanent lighting has been included in the plan for Maple Park from the beginning to maximize usage. The cost estimate is 290 to 330 thousand for six to eight light towers that will be 50 -60 ft. high. The sports groups are looking to fund the cost of the system from revenues and split the cost between the five groups. The proposed lighting system is currently being used in Wayne Township.
                                   Shade Tree Commission – N. Bigos 
 No report
                                   Community Center Advisory Board 
. No Report 
 Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee (REAC) - M. Mogerley
Committee is waiting for members to be appointed by the Village Council.
The committee is proposing to the Village Council a resolution to prohibit the use of single use plastic bags by businesses in the Village. They are looking forward to the Styrofoam collection event in May.
Next Meeting  Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at the Stable, 7:30 pm
Adjournment  9:15 PM
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