Parks, Recreation and Convervation Board Minutes 20181030

Date:   October 30, 2018
Attendance: Present:  Chair Rich Brooks, Vice Chair Dave Sayles, Lou Lembo, Mary Mogerley, William Riker, Liz Kloak BOE Liaison Jim Morgan, Michael Winograd
 Absent: Village Council Liaison Ramon Hache
Also Present: Director Nancy Bigos
Public Comment &
Correspondence: A letter from PJ’s Promotions was presented commenting on the success of the Street Fair and looking to save the date for 2019.
Minutes: Minutes for September 2018 were approved with motions made by L. Lembo first and L. Kloak second motion.  J. Morgan had an amendment to the minutes. All were in favor to approve once the amendment has been added.
Athletic Fields and
Recreational Facilities 
Use Policy Fields Committee met and discussed the audit of sports groups and the idea of limiting the number of teams that sports groups can field. The committee feels that the audit is financially onerous for our smaller sports groups and an automatic audit is already required for groups with over $500 thousand dollars. A yearly audit will not be added to the fields committee document. Limiting the number of teams a sport group can field was not approved by the members. A request was made to add a dog policy to be included to the Athletic Fields and Recreational Use document. This item will read: Dogs not permitted on school grounds or athletic facilities. The exception being Habernickel Park and Schedler property. The added policy must go back before the BOE for approval before the updated field policy can be presented to the Village Council for final approval. The PRC Board is in favor of this policy being added to the document. Chairman Brooks will next forward this policy to the Mayor and Council for review and adoption.
PRC Board Terms
Expiring L. Lembo and M. Mogerley terms are expiring at the end of this year. L. Lembo will not reapply for his appointment; he has been a respected member of the PRC Board and will be missed. M. Mogerley will complete the application and wishes to continue as a PRC Board member.
Van Neste Park Lighting Project:
 Funding has been secured and the lighting project will proceed. Equipment has been ordered. Project will begin next week. This project will make the park a safe and secure place to spend time during the night. This project will bring this park into the 21st century and improve the sound system electrical use as well as illuminate the shade trees, monuments and walkways. The goal is to have the E. Ridgewood Avenue side complete before Downtown for the Holidays celebration. The project is slated to be completed in the spring of 2019.
Maple Park/
Turf Field Annual Maintenance Contract - The Fields Committee and sports groups agreed they will cover the full cost of turf field maintenance at Maple Park East. The split between organizations has not been finalized. The maintenance contract has been signed. The first scheduled maintenance will take place in the spring of 2019.
2018 Green Acres
Diversion Update An offer is on the table that has been orchestrated by the Village Manager, Assistant to the Manager and Engineering staff. The process involves rededicating property that the village owns and having it designated as park property which is under Green Acres control. This action will take care of the diversion deficit within the Village.

Kings Pond Park Phase I Development – the last few years we have applied to BCOS Trust Fund for 50/50 matching grant to fund the development of this park.
     • The permiter of the park will be set first by adding curbing.
     • Two parking areas will be designated one at either end of the park.
     • Walking path, benches and shade trees will be included
Residents were notified and met with the Village Manager and reviewed the plans for the park and were asked to voice any concerns. The residents stated there concerns about the silt build up in the Goffle Brook and wished the brook to be dredged to alleviate this problem.
Grove Park  Ridgewood Wildscape Committee under the direction of S. Antista and E. Gruber has
   taken a new course they have moved forward with park clean ups and nature walks in
   the Village. On October 19th, they cleaned up Grove Park. E. Gruber solicits participation
   of local groups to aid in the cleanup of local parks. North Road Park nature walk is
                                   Sunday, November 4th.

HealthBarn Director N. Bigos, Village Manager Mailander and Mayor Hache met with residents that were concerned with park use. Director Bigos explained the intent of purchasing the property is for the use of the community as a whole. Green Acres approval of the change in use of the Gate House and how this benefits the Village community as it pertains to health, recreation and leisure pursuits.
2019 Departmental
Budget Requests Parks and Recreation – Operating and Capital budgets were discussed with CFO October 24th and will be shared with the PRC Board as we get closer to Feb. 17th  Budget Hearing. Community support is always advantageous when the budget is presented.
Tennis Court
Resurfacing The department has requested over $300,000 for tennis court resurfacing. The N. Monroe and Bellair courts were installed in the 1960’s and have been resurfaced several times. Director Bigos is in the process of investigating the product/process that will improve the Village courts with a prolonged lifespan and quality playing surface.
Location The Village has been petitioned to add to the number of pickleball courts. Pickleball is a popular sport and the number of residents wishing to play is on the rise. When the Bellair courts are resurfaced, it is intended to add two pickleball courts will be installed at that location.

New Business Ridgewood Duck Pond – Bergen County has pledged to completely renovate the park, clean up and repair the water system so the pond will be able to receive fresh water.  $1,200,000.00 has been earmarked for this upcoming Bergen County project.
Liaison Reports Village Council – R. Hache
   No report
 Board of Ed - J. Morgan
 The budget has been settled with a new teacher contract that has been agreed to, 0% increase in health care cost. 17% increase in health care cost was budgeted and that money will be held in reserve for future increases. November 6th an election for new board member will be on the ballot, please vote.
Open Space Committee - D. Sayles
No Report
       Fields Committee –  R. Brooks
     • Finalized maintenance policy, still discussing the cost split between groups.
     • Maple Field – Discussion regarding protection from flooding. 
Barricades will work for a 25yr. flood but the last floods we have experienced are 100yr. floods.
     • Discussed reconstructing the berm to lessen the amount of silt build up on the field.
     • Scheduling is on target.
     • There is an increase in requests from outside groups with a variety of events, for field and park use.
        Shade Tree Commission – N. Bigos 
 Shade Tree Commission made a request to the Village Council to erect a nursery in the Village. They reported on the study of the tree wells in the CBD and discussed alternatives  
        Community Center Advisory Board - L. Lembo
      . No Report 
 Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee (REAC) - M. Mogerley
 The committee has accumulated some funding and had a discussion regarding the best way to use it possibly middle school field trips. Toured the recycling center and discussed composting ideas and the new tree nursery.
Next Meeting  Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at the Stable, 7:30 pm
Adjournment  9:15 PM
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