Date : May 28, 2019
Attendance: Present:  Chair Rich Brooks, Vice Chair Dave Sayles, Liz Kloak, Jean Epiphan, BOE Liaison Jim Morgan
 Absent: Village Council Liaison Ramon Hache, Mary Mogerley, William Riker, Director Nancy Bigos
Also Present: Marge Anderson, Sam Bernstein
Public Comment &
Correspondence: None
Minutes: Minutes for March 2019 were approved with motions made by D, Sayles and L. Kloak second motion.  No questions, no changes were made.
PRC Board Member Appointments/Reappointments
Appointments There are currently two positions open on the PRC Board. Jean Epiphan was welcomed to the PRC Board tonight.  She is a lifelong resident of Ridgewood, she is employed at Rutgers University and her background is in forestry.   
Presentation Presentation/Maple Park Lighting – Florian Weispfenning
Florian presented the lighting project which entails installing a permanent LED light structure system that delivers superior light control, is energy efficient, simplifies installation and ensures better reliability. He stated that the LED lights will not produce light beyond the area you wish to have lit, which will be a positive point. F. Weispfenning met with Musco Lighting and was impressed with the company and the quality of the lighting system.  He also mentioned Musco Lighting is a co-op member.  The approximate cost for the project is $400,000.00 total with no maintenance for 30 years and would take about two weeks to install. A proposal should be received from Musco Lighting by April 12th.  The project will be financed by the Open Space Grant (letter of intent has already been submitted), money from the Open Space Trust and the sports organizations.  It will need community support and there will be a public hearing.
F. Weispfenning met with C. Rutishauser, J. Mehandzic and an electrician about 3 weeks ago.  The Engineering Department will be heading the project.  He also met with Fields Committee twice and PRC Board (the meeting tonight was the formal presentation). There was a meeting with the various sports organizations as well, to work on dividing the cost; financially it will be divided according to who utilizes it most often and so on. He will need to meet with the Village Manager, H. Mailander and CFO, R. Rooney.  It was pointed out that the neighbors should be informed and spoken with before the lighting project goes public.  N. Bigos mentioned the neighbors would probably welcome the lighting instead of the towers currently being used.  Furthermore, consulting with the neighbors should be done before going before the Village Council.

Master Plan Our Village, Our Future…Master Plan
 No report
Kings Pond Park Phase I Update –
 No report.
Schedler Property Grant for House
 Application approved as NJ State Historical Site
Bergen County
Open Space Grant Application/2019 Letter of Intent
 The Letter of Intent is due.  It has been sent to Hackensack in the amount of $130,000.00 for the June lighting project at Maple Park.
Waterfowl Management Geese Peace- The Health Department will be assuming the responsibility of administering the program.  They are offering a training/refresher course for those who are interested. The addling of the eggs made a significant difference in the past.  
Daffodil/Earth Day Sunday, April 14, 2019 at Van Neste Memorial Park
   “Discover our parks…Live, Learn and Play” Parks and Recreation Department, REAC and CRPL are hosting this event this year. Invitations have been mailed to many groups, vendors, organizations and individuals inviting them to participate in this year’s event.
 Currently, there are 13 sponsors and is moving along, it is fantastic.
Recreation Recreation - 
N. Bigos distributed spring brochures and the April/May Programs to each member of the PRC Board.
Liaison Reports Village Council – R. Hache
   No report
 Board of Ed - J. Morgan
 No Report

Open Space Committee - D. Sayles
No Report
        Fields Committee – R. Brooks
• The fields schedule is finalized for the spring.
• Presentation for permanent lighting at Maple Park – covered.
• The batting cages were well received.
• The backstops at Stevens Field were taken down.  Dr. Fishbein stated the backstops were being destroyed by Lacrosse and out of town T-Ball.  K. Cooke is working on this.
        Shade Tree Commission – N. Bigos 
 No report
                                   Community Center Advisory Board 
. Deanna Schablik, who administers the Community Center, gave a presentation on the proposed Rules of Conduct for the Community Center.  The Village needs guidelines in place for everyday use of the Community Center. The main concern is safety.  The Village employees and Police Department need to have these guidelines in place legally to ensure the safe and proper functioning of the Community Center and the employees and visitors to the Center.
 D. Schablik is seeking approval from the PRC so she may bring this matter before the Village Council.  Each member of the Board was given a copy of the proposed “Rules of Conduct” and in turn each member agreed and approved her proposal to put these rules in effect and bring this before the Village Council for their approval. 
 Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee (REAC) - M. Mogerley
No report

Next Meeting  Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at the Stable, 7:30 pm
Adjournment  9:15 PM
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Date: Attendance :
Also Present:
Public Comment: Director's Report:
June 27, 2017
Present:  Chair Rich Brooks, Vice Chair David Sayles, Mary Mogerley, Michael Winogard, BOE Liaison Jim Morgan
Absent: Parker Weil, Village Council Liaison Ramon Hache, Lou Lembo, William Riker
Director Tim Cronin, Deputy Director Nancy Bigos, Assistant  Parks Superintendent  Daniel Cramblitt, Resident and President of the NE NJ Beekeepers Association  Frank Mortimer , Residents and members of the NE NJ Beekeepers Association  Bob Jenkins, Ian Keller
May 2017 , No questions
Approval of Minutes: May 2017 Approved , no changes Correspondence: HealthBarn USA, Letter 5/31/2017
Stacey Antine, founder of HealthBarn USA, sent a letter to the Mayor and Village Council. It has been a little over a year since HealthBarn has officially been providing services to Village residents and the community at large. Although S. Antine sends quarterly reports to H. Mailander and N. Bigos, she felt she would like to share some
highlights from the HealthBarn's programming demonstrating the necessity and
enthusiasm for this unique healthy-lifestyle experience .
Bergen County Social Services partners with HealthBarn for a weekly healthy-lifestyle program for their special needs students. HealthBarn is also the host of a great many school field trips and is the subject of hundreds of letters they receive as a result of enrichment writing assignments from various schools.
The HealthBarn has integrated into the community and has become a community center as well; they assist local Girl and Boy Scouts in their programs and projects. HealthBarn is very involved with nature, ecology and the Community Gardens. When it came to the attention of Stacey Antine that seniors at Ridgecrest were not eating properly and were undernourished, HealthBarn stepped up and began a healthy meal program with Healing Meals to provide healthy, nutritious meals delivered to them.
HealthBarn provides programs for children 2-4, 3-5, 5-7 and 7-12, special needs, seniors, the Fire Department and Ridgewood High School among others. They are rotated through a variety of activities. HealthBarn generates greater use of the park by our residents as well as an increase of participants in their many programs and imparting them with a better knowledge of nutrition and healthy living.
As an aside, Stacey Antine received the Bergen County's Women's History Month's Trailblazer Award for Labor and Business. Stacey also served as the keynote speaker for the event.
As the result of this letter, a conversation ensued and the general consensus was that the Health Barn has been a good partner and a huge supporter of Ridgewood and the Ridgewood Schools.
Bergen County Open Space
Assistant Parks Superintendent - Daniel Cramblitt
Daniel Cramblitt began employment with the Village on July 3rd.  He was introduced to all and welcomed to the Village of Ridgewood.
"Bee City USA" - Frank Mortimer, Bob Jenkins, Ian Keller
Resident , Frank Mortimer is the President of the Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Associat ion. He also holds a class "The Art of Beekeeping" at Ramapo College once a month and works with Rutgers University to show the importance of all pollinators, there are 400 species. Frank loves the Village of Ridgewood and he is passionate about bees as are a number of other residents. He would be happy to see them come together and have the Village be the first in New Jersey to join "Bee City USA".
"Bee City USA" is a nonprofit national organization that galvanizes communities to sustain pollinators. Bees are in trouble, they are one of many pollinators that are responsible for 1 in 3 bites we eat and the reproduction of 90% of the world's wild plant species. We need to provide pollinators with a healthy habitat, rich in a variety of native plants and nearly free of pesticides. "Bee City USA" raises awareness of the role pollinators' play in our communities and what each of us can do to provide them with healthy habitats. One important point F. Mortimer strongly stated was that bees do not swarm; they only go to
the food source. He felt it imperative that all understand as many believe this to be so and
are afraid of that possibility .
The Ridgewood Conservancy , Ridgewood Environmental and Women Gardeners of Ridgewood would like to bring pollinators  into prominence.  These groups would like to raise awareness to the plight of our dwindling pollinator population as they are vital to feeding the  planet.
If the Village Council approves the resolution being discussed today, The Village may send in the application for approval. Once the application has been approved they will be able to endorse and institute a set of commitments for creating sustainable habitats for pollinators next year. The Village will become certified as a "Bee City Affiliate". There are currently 49 cities committed to this effort and the Village of Ridgewood would be the first in this state and hopefully will lead other cities to follow their example .
The Village of Ridgewood will be officially "Bee City USA Village of Ridgewood" and will need a dedicated committee. N. Bigos a beekeeper herself will be head of the Ridgewood Chapter.
R. Brooks proposed a motion to send the resolution to Village Council and support the application. 0. Sayles seconded and all were in favor. It will probably go to Council in the August session.
Grant Application
T. Cronin met with H. Mailander concerning the Bergen County Open Space Application. The Village of Ridgewood is requesting $100,000.00 from Bergen County, $100,000.00 from Open Space and the balance of the money from the funds of the Village. This grant is going to be used to re-turf the Maple Park multi-purpose athletic field. The deadline for applications is Friday,June 30th.
T. Cronin also mentioned the Schedler house grant application deadline is also Friday, June 301
90 Foot Baseball Diamond
Green Acres Parks
Sub-Committee  Report
R. Brooks spoke with R. Hache. There is not much new to report and does not know when the next meeting will be held regarding the 90 Ft. diamond.
Diversion Update -
None of the residences that were under consideration wish to sell;there are others sited and they have been forwarded to legal.  Some sites to be considered, the Friends (Quakers) property the PS&G Right of Way (which is in default), the old farmhouse on Glen Ave and there is also a piece of property in front of Glen School.
2017 Graydon Pool National Register of Historic Places
Graydon Park was put forth to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the State Historic Preservation Office and was found eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.
Once the ordinance has passed there will be a lack of control of what services and renovations can be performed at Graydon Park.  For instance skylights will probably not be allowed and it will not be easy to renovate the baths. Once a place has been deemed historical you cannot change much without permission from the New Jersey Historical Preservation  Division.
Estimates to refurbish the bathrooms were received and they were deemed to be an inordinate amount of money, therefore the plans are on hold.
It was mentioned that the PRC would be interested in seeing the numbers for revenue from badge sales. It would be interesting to see if the membership grew or if the usual members decided to buy their badges early to take advantage of the discount.
Today, June 27th was the day for Ridgecrest residents to enjoy Graydon Pool. Badlands Taco presented discounts on food and beverages. The Village Council members were there as well.
New Business

Liaison Reports
D. Sayles will revisit the wireless program for Graydon Pool. There are other municipalities that employ wireless at their facilities. He will speak with Matt Rogers as well.
Village Council - R.  Hache No Report - Absent
Board of Ed - J. Morgan
The school buildings are 100 years old and they require $40 ,000,000.00 in upgrades that
will need to be done. This will be heard a lot more in the coming year .
Open Space Committee - M. Mogerley
The Open Space Committee will give their presentation to Village Council tomorrow, June
1 There is nothing new to report.
Fields Committee - R. Hache/ R. Brooks
Changes to field policy are to be discussed. There is a need to come to an agreement on documentation for groups and for running a program. For example: Opposing groups having camps in competition with each other. Another item mentioned was the determination of being an active member. For instance you are not an active member unless you come to X amount of meetings. It is a disjointed policy and there is also talk of cost vs. charges.
Shade Tree Commission - T . Cronin They talked of doubling meetings.
Shade Tree has asked Parks and Recreation to remove all dead, deformed trees in the Central Business District. They also want to redesign the tree wells brick work . Shade Tree will also need trees to plant after the redesign.
Community Center Advisory Board
They are brain storming to set new goals and institute funding for the Community Center, which includes establishing a sub-committee to establish new ideas for fund raising.
They also discussed Summer Camp.  Project Pride
This was discussed in Shade Tree.
Conservancy for Ridgewood Public Lands - N. Bigos
The Conservancy gave their presentation for the Children's Sensory /Butterfly Garden to the Village Council. This was approved. The Conservancy is now working on phases for the Children's Sensory Garden and the fundraising to make it happen.
Ridgewood Arts Council - L. Lembo No report - Absent
Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Council (REAC) No report
Next Meeting Adjournment
Tuesday , September 25, 2017 at the Stable, 7:30 pm
9:30 PM
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Date   January 31, 2017
Attendance Present:  Chair Rich Brooks, Lou Lembo, Mary Mogerly and Village Council Liaison Ramon Hache
 Absent: BOE Liaison Jim Morgan, Parker Weil
Also Present Director Tim Cronin and Deputy Director Nancy Bigos
Correspondence None
Approval of Minutes Unable to approve, lack of quorum                     
Director’s Report        There were no questions. Unable to approve due to lack of quorum.
Vice Chair  Tabled
Department Tim Cronin is retiring December 2017.  There is a meeting February 1 at Village Hall
Reorganization            discussing the options. T. Cronin is in the process of the reorganization of the Parks
 and Recreation Department and will apprise the Board going forward.
Large Special Event: There is a need to develop a large special event policy (over 80 people) as the  
Park Use – Policy department receives 15-25 requests for festivals and special events each year. Requests range in size from a couple dozen to hundreds of people so the need for a policy for private use in a public space is important. Need rules and fees, as well as various approvals in planning events.  As it stands now it falls to Tim. He also has to see who is available; for set up, take down and clean up. The Parks Department employees supply manpower. There is no resource in the department to handle the amount of interest. Should we have a special events coordinator? If so, as part of which department?  Recreation/Leisure has become a sophisticated business.  We must also consider that all sports groups, local social and service organizations hold fundraisers or special events in Municipal parks and on Municipal fields.
Graydon Pool Concession Bid - Mike Sims bid again this year.  Three packets were sent out – Chestnut Deli, East Coast Burger and Badlands Taco.  Bid opening being set for February 15th.  If there are any special events at Graydon Pool the vendor will have first option in supplying the food for the event.
Graydon Pool Badges - There is an Ad-Hoc group with thoughts regarding operations and badge sale incentives. There were several ideas discussed:
• Early Bird Discount – Would result in a loss of $15,000.00
• Raise Guest Badges to $15.00 – Residents like this idea
• Guest Book Coupons – This is not a viable option
• Late Season Badge – This was a favorable option and one that could create a variety of discounts. $60 and $55 was discussed for after August 1.
The biggest problem with discounts is loss of revenue that would affect the budgeted amount of money for 2017 as well as the amount for 2018.  It will also affect the tax rate next year. It was also mentioned that we sold less seasonal badges and more daily badges in 2016. As to the problem of requests for increased bathing hours                                                                
the difficulty is in obtaining safe staffing levels. Our lifeguards require a Waterfront Lifeguard Certification for black water, CPR, AED and more certification hours than regular lifeguards.  It is 130 hours just for American Red Cross certification.  Investing of funds was also discussed for pool improvements. Renovation of restrooms, adding WIFI and seasonal locker rentals were mentioned.
Bergen County Parks
Master Plan Bergen County Parks are going forward with their Parks Master Plan.  The County is working with Rutgers on what Bergen County residents’ needs are for the future.  They have placed a survey online to assess the active/passive needs of the public going forward and which parks, facilities are used most/least. 
New Jersey Parks and Recreation have 7 districts in the state.  We are District 1, which encompasses Bergen, Passaic and Hudson County.  N. Bigos suggested that we be proactive and host an Opportunity Night with the County.  We could raise the level of awareness with the Village residents with a community information session as we do have the Ridgewood Duck Pond, which is a County park in the Village.  It would be a good time to discuss the problems with the Duck Pond.  R. Hache mentioned that he has a contact and remarked that the League of Women Voters is very good and would be helpful.
Green Acres A diversion problem exists.  In 1978 a pocket park on S. Broad was sold to the Bergen County Housing Authority.  You cannot sell any parkland and still receive Green Acres funding.  If you sell a piece of parkland you have to buy another parcel of land with similar characteristics and penalty of buying 5 times the acreage to replace it.  Although we bought 29 acres at substantial cost, we will be unable to submit applications for Green Acres grant money.  This includes receiving money that is already owed to us for the Habernickel Park.
A meeting was held with the Green Acres representative in Ridgewood a few weeks ago and she will take our case to an in-house review instead of bringing it up for State review.  We are waiting to hear what the decision will be from Green Acres.

Parks Maple Park
Turf field Update – Maple Park has the Duraspine model of turf.  Matt Rogers arranged a meeting with Field Turf, the company that manufacturers the turf to see what our options are, as the field is past its warrantee.  It was only warranted for 8 years, it is now 12 years old. The basis of the lawsuit is that the field did not perform as marketed by the manufacturer, it states false advertising.  This will be reviewed at the State level.  The company does not write refund checks, they replace at a special discount price.  Once field replacement price is given we will decide on joining the class action suit or not.  The price we have been given is 89000 sq. feet @ $581,000, but we are awaiting the new pricing structure.
                                   Kings/Gypsy Pond Open Space Grant Application
 The Japanese Knotweed eradication has been completed. This required 3 sprayings. We filed for clean up and fencing.  We are waiting, probably spring.
Schedler Property
Grant – funds will be utilized for the cleanup of the property.  Staff was instructed to design a plan that does not include a sports field.  Jovan is designing; he will supply several different plans for Schedler.  As for playing fields, Council asked for alternate design without 90 foot diamond. The question of a 90 foot diamond playing field was mentioned in discussion.  We only have one at Vets Field.  Lower Hawes was discussed for location of the 90 foot diamond but there is a lack of parking as well as problems placing the varsity field into the allotted space.  To accommodate the field, the Village would have to cut into the woods and might have to have permission from the County to do so as they possess property there.  Once a plan is decided on it will be presented to Council.
HealthBarn New exciting programs are being offered:
• Winter Story Time Adventure (6 weeks)
• Winter Celebration in collaboration with Parks and Recreation
• Healthy Heart Meals and Nutrition in collaboration with the Fire Department
• Community Service Healthy and Nutritional Meals
 Stacey will be aiding community service with the senior citizens needs at Ridgecrest Housing, having realized the need for nutritional aid for some members of our community.  HealthBarn is now making needed healthy meals for the Ridgecrest residents as many are undernourished.  The group is in need of a free standing freezer and is in the process of procuring one.  However they need to transport it. T. Cronin offered a truck with a lift gate to help them in the transportation of the freezer.  However, he will need the dimensions of the freezer to be sure it will fit in the truck.  He will also need permission of Village Council to use the truck for this endeavor. R. Hache had another thought, to approach local restaurants and businesses such as Panera as he has seen them throw out a lot of food each day as they always must have fresh supply on hand.
2017 Budget- 2017 Departmental Budget/Capital – hearing dates
The Budget has been completed and submitted; the pool needs to be updated. The dates for budget hearings are February 6, 9, 16, and 17, but have been amended to March 3, 9, 15 and 27 with Parks and Recreation hearing on March 9th. 
New Business Member appointments were discussed.  We should have new members by our March meeting.
Committee Reports Village Council – R. Hache
 There is a viable design for the parking garage on Hudson. 
• Potential for Village owned retail space on ground level.
• There are 3 stories, 4 levels (one down) 2300 spaces.  Will need an easement from E. Ridgewood Ave. businesses lot, Fire Chief has already approved it.
• Raise top level, gain around 350 spaces.
• Permits for  short term rentals (less than 30 days)
 Board of Ed - J. Morgan
 No Report
Open Space Committee - M. Mogerley
        Last 2 meetings have been cancelled due to lack of quorum. 
In the process of finalizing needs analysis of the Village for Open Space.
       Fields Committee – R. Hache/ R. Brooks
 In the process of finalizing list of 425 households for survey, also update for Master Plan.
Resolution 16-99 checklist has been approved and recommended for adoption.  Certification of proper business practices, Checklist must be on file and maintained for groups.  Spring field schedule is completed.  March 1st High School sports begin and on March 10 Lacrosse begins their schedule.

. Shade Tree Commission – T. Cronin 
The Community Forestry Plan has been approved; the Village received our certificates and is now eligible for grants.  Also CEU certified.  Engineering and Shade Tree are on board for a new way of paving streets which enables planting trees at the same time, this will save money and has a lot of support.  There has been $100,000 carved out of the budget for tree planting.
Community Center Advisory Board - L. Lembo
High School requires a list in writing for the type of art needed for Senior Center. 
The Community Center is working on issues that affect our senior citizens.  Aging in Place hold meetings regularly, they invite all members to attend every 4th Thursday of the month.  Also, Pedestrian Safety meetings are very helpful to seniors. All are invited to the Community Center Foundation meeting on Friday, March 31 in the courtroom.
   Project Pride - Open
        No report
    Conservancy for Ridgewood Public Lands - N. Bigos
        Annual appeal for fundraising is the priority, letters have been sent.
   Ridgewood Arts Council - L. Lembo
 No report.
Next Meeting  Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Adjournment  9:30 PM
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Date: January 23, 2018
Attendance: Present:  Vice Chair David Sayles, Mary Mogerley, BOE Liaison Jim Morgan, Village Council Liaison Ramon Hache
 Absent: Chair Rich Brooks, Michael Winogard, William Riker, Lou Lembo
Also Present: Director Nancy Bigos, Daniel Cramblitt, Tom Thurston, Doug Messineo, Sandy Bernhardt - RLA, Joe Fox, Keith Cook - Athletic Director for RHS
Public Comment: Tom Thurston, Doug Messineo, Keith Cook – Athletic Director for RHS, Sandy Bernhardt – President of RLS, Joe Ross – RFJR
 This group of concerned parents/coaches (T. Thurston, D. Messineo, K. Cook, S. Bernhardt, and J. Ross)  attended the PRC Board meeting to draw attention to the deplorable condition of the turf field at Maple Park East.  They explained the players on the field slip and slide as if on ice, they lose their balance and fall, the referees as well. The players have no traction and if playing soccer they cannot keep the ball on the field, there is zero resistance.  They feel Maple Park Field is unsafe and has become a liability.  There are metal posts exposed, gaps in the field turf and a host of other hazardous problems.  They also informed the PRC Board that the kids are coming home with shin splints and ankle problems; they are afraid that there will be concussions and other injuries; they feel the turf is too hard and is on the border of being unsafe for use. The group pointed out the field turf is too old and well past its recommended life expectancy of ten years.  The warranty has expired, the field is 13 years old and they want this turf replaced sooner than later, ideally for spring.
 T. Thurston said he will not let his son play on Maple Park Field again.  D. Messineo    informed the PRC Board that when away teams come to Ridgewood and see the condition of the turf field, the coaches do not want their kids playing on that surface.  It was also mentioned that our own Village teams look at their schedules and say “Oh no, not Maple...”  T. Thurston told everybody that “Maple Field is a great facility, the best in town; just needs the turf replaced.”
D. Cramblitt stated Maple Field’s turf has been tested and is within the parameters for use.  He said he will close the field if it is dangerous and the field will be aggressively maintained.  On that note, J. Morgan mentioned the B.O.E. fields have a program for maintenance for their turf field that has proved to be outstanding, prolonging the life of the turf and offered to share and compare maintenance practices with the Parks Department if they wish.
 The sports organizations had thought the turf replacement at Maple Park was already approved to begin installation because it was in the Capital Budget.    $450,557.00 was submitted in the 2018 Capital Budget; this includes the Bergen County Open Space Trust Fund Grant.  The fact that there is not a firm timeline for installation of the new field turf prompted the parents/coaches to attend the meeting this evening.   
   R. Hache agreed the GMAX number was almost 200 when the turf was tested at Maple Park Field.  This may mean in some areas the number is higher and some areas the number lower. He acknowledged the warranty on the turf expired but fraud charges have not.  The reason fraud charges were mentioned is because last January, T. Cronin had discovered there is a lawsuit pending against Field Turf, the company that manufactures the turf the Village installed.  The basis for the lawsuit is the field did not perform as marketed by the manufacturer, it states false advertising.  This was being reviewed at the state level.  The company does not write refund checks, they replace turf at a special discount price.  P. Di Piazzo, the company’s representative came to the Village for a meeting and spoke of different types of turf and promised a steep discount for a better product.
A new company that provides and installs field turf contacted R. Hache and would like to be considered for the Maple Park field replacement.  They offered a steep discount for a better product as well.  A surprisingly similar price was given to R. Hache, when compared with the starting offer given by P. Di Piazzo of Field Turf.
The parents/coaches said they were all here in support of a new turf for Maple Field and will do anything needed and whatever it would take to speed up the timetable for the installment of new turf.  They feel it is taking too long and want it done as soon as possible.  They are having a meeting tomorrow night and the condition of Maple Field will be one of topics of discussion.
R. Hache suggested the sports groups attend the February 7th Village Council Meeting.  It is a scheduled work session that would be an advantageous session to attend as it will be a question and answer session.
Director’s Report: November, December 2017 Directors Report
Tabled – Did not have quorum
Minutes                    November 2017
Tabled - Did not have quorum.
Correspondence: None
PRC Board Annual Chair, Vice Chair and Sub-Committee Appointments
 Tabled – Did not have quorum

Parks and Recreation Department Succession Plan
 N. Bigos would like to update the PRC Board on the status of the Parks and Recreation Department since the retirement of T. Cronin.  N. Bigos is the Director of Parks and Recreation and with her new position, will be attending Board and committee meetings as well as orchestrating special events.  Adding this to her current workload has invoked further changes.  M. Anderson is now Assistant Recreation Superintendent; M. Hefferan was promoted to Keyboarding Clerk II and D. Schablik has become Program Coordinator of the Community Center.
 In the Parks Department, a part time seasonal laborer was promoted to full time and a lateral promotion of one Laborer to Forestry Aide, which increases the tree crew to 4 people.
All of these changes have been approved and in effect since January 16, 2018.

Ridgewood Duck:
Pond Resident Inquiries
 The Parks and Recreation Department have been receiving a large number of complaints from residents about the Ridgewood Duck Pond because of its deplorable condition.  They do not realize that it is a Bergen County facility and we have no control over it.
R. Hache stated that he spoke with the Director of Bergen County Parks and there was a resolution passed that secured $1,000,000.00 to revamp the Ridgewood Duck Pond.  That will include the relining of the Duck Pond and re-establishing the waterway pump to feed the aquifer among other much needed improvements.
HealthBarn Update
 N. Bigos shared the quarterly report she received from the Stacey Antine, Director of the HealthBarn and apprised everyone they are submitted to her regularly to impart pertinent information about their programs, financials and community outreach sponsorships for example.
 Parks and Recreation sponsored special workshops and programs for the Holiday and winter session.  They have also lined up a full curriculum for the Winter Fest.
 N. Bigos was happy to announce the Parks and Recreation Department; in partnership with HealthBarn, won the NJRPA Program Award for Excellence in the wellness category.  This is a well deserved award and it is the second time winning.  The award ceremony is March 6, 2018 in Atlantic City. 
Parks a) Maple Park
• Discussed above
 b) Kings Pond/Open Space Grant Application
The Village was awarded a 50/50 matching grant from BCOSTF and it will be used to make the park more family friendly, ADA accessible and delineate the border of the parkland.
• Parking will be expanded to 22 - 28 spots
• Engineering will restore the road to original width and new curbing will be installed
• Plant low shrub fence along fence line
• Establish a stone dust path for ADA accessibility along stream bank 
• Perhaps a small dock
There is not enough money in the budget to de-snag or dredge the pond. There is anticipation of putting benches in the park and hope to direct residents to put their Memorial Benches there when they purchase them.
 c) Schedler Property - Progress
• Park Cleanup Progress
The cleanup of the property is in Phase I. The property is nearly cleared of all debris. Sixty+ trees have been removed, some of which were donated to neighbors.  The property had lain idle, was neglected and was hit by super storm Sandy, therefore this was sorely needed and now appears as a healthier landscape.
   d) Van Neste/Graydon/Wi-Fi Update
• D. Sayles let all know that he had a good conversation with M. Rogers, the Village Attorney and said there was no case or law against municipalities offering public Wi-Fi.  H. Mailander was informed as well.  D. Hansen is to research software and M. Rogers believes D. Hansen will be providing a release as well.
• A discussion ensued regarding how much of Graydon would need to be covered by Wi-Fi.  It was mentioned that part of the pool and a few zones around the pool area would suffice; there is no need to cover all of Graydon Park. The pavilion, food court/picnic area would be included.
• R, Hache said the CBD could pay for Wi-Fi at Memorial Park at Van Neste Square.  He mentioned this will be discussed at the February 7th Village Council work session.  There is also money in last year’s Capital Budget earmarked for Wi-Fi. It was suggested the Guild and Rotary Club may contribute some money for the project. 

New Business None
2018 Budget 2018 Departmental Budget Requests
 The Parks and Recreation Department has had their initial budget meeting; Copies of the operating and capital budget requests were given to the PRC Board. 
• The priority is the turf field at Maple Park.  The reasons for that have been discussed in great detail above. 
• The pumps at Graydon Pool are not functional.  Graydon will not be able to be opened for the season without the necessary pool equipment.
• The tennis courts in the Village need to be resurfaced.  The condition of these courts are deplorable, N. Monroe in itself is appalling.  There was an incident (injury) at the N. Monroe court being used for the VOR pickleball program and the participants in the program asked to return to the Glen Ave. tennis courts.   Using the Glen Ave. courts for pickleball has been a matter of contention with the neighbors, they abhor the noise.  N. Bigos had to call them and explain at length, the reason for returning there and beg their indulgence. 
• The request for a new truck is another “must”. Truck #113, the chip truck can no longer make the hills in the Village.
Liaison Reports Village Council – R. Hache
 R. Hache expressed the need for qualified volunteers for the Planning Board, Open Space and PRC Board.  The lack of a quorum is a major concern. He mentioned the possibility of a resident from the Schedler Ad Hoc Committee for the PRC Board; He will approach him and inquire if he would be available.  This was met with enthusiasm from the Board.
 The Field Committee is a major concern for R. Hache.  He is displeased with the way the committee has been functioning.  Apparently, there have been days he has driven by a field that has all the lights on and there isn’t anyone utilizing the field.  This is costly and a waste because there may have been somebody who would have been able to use the field on that date, time slot.  He has concerns with block scheduling.  R. Hache stated he feels as though some sports groups may be asking for more field time than actually needed, the schedule padded for backup and the field, empty in the end.  He also would like to have set rates for the fields, have them pay for fields when they are scheduled and if they do not use them, there would not be a refund.  Another concern he would like to have addressed is safety training for all coaches, he would like to have background checks done on all coaches as well.
R. Hache said he will not vote on the Field Policy amendments until the Village Council looks at and understands all of the existing policy.   
CapturePoint will be used for reservations, payments and permits.  It will all be done through use of this software program; CapturePoint will also be used for field scheduling.  Coordinating the sporting events to fields, specific dates and times are a herculean task that will benefit greatly when the program is initiated.   N. Bigos stated she must work alongside the Field Committee when field scheduling is being done, before any major changes are made. 
 Board of Ed - J. Morgan
 A recent meeting of the B.O.E. approved an increase in fees for the use of their fields.  J. Morgan stated the B.O.E. is happy to have the Field Committee continue the scheduling of their fields. They want to stay out of scheduling and grievances. 
The B.O.E. wants Village children, Village nonprofit volunteers, coaches, Field Committee and sports teams to continually keep trying for more usage of their fields and facilities.  Sometimes their fields or gyms are empty.  They haven’t the metrics of how many people will be on fields in a given weekend.  J. Morgan said they will shadow the field schedule spreadsheet.
It was mentioned that the grievance policy needs to be reviewed.  If an individual has a grievance with a coach, he is hesitant to come forward because he would have to face the coach again and the coach will be with his friends when that individual is voicing his complaint.  That scenario will not get him anywhere close to a resolution.
J. Morgan announced that there may be a possible bond issue in the near future to update the HVAC in the schools.
Open Space Committee
A new development regarding the diversion has been shared by R. Hache.  The Village was penalized for a pocket park that was sold to the Bergen County Housing Authority in 1978.  You cannot sell any parkland and still receive Green Acres funding. If you sell a piece of parkland you have to buy another parcel of land with similar characteristics and a penalty of five times the acreage to replace it. T. Cronin had led the search for available parcels of land that the Village could acquire to satisfy Green Acres. R. Hache was told recently that the Village does not have to locate and acquire land to satisfy the Green Acres penalty. The Village of Ridgewood will be able to use paper streets to satisfy the property requirements that have been so difficult to acquire.  The property involved with the paper streets will merely need to be cleaned up and have a bench placed in each of those locales.  Ferris Place, Spring Street, Pershing, Phelps and Cedarcroft properties were mentioned as possibilities that could be utilized to satisfy the property replacement penalty.
The Village will be able to receive the money owed for Habernickle Park and will be able to submit applications for Green Acres grant money once the properties have been converted to parks.

                                Fields Committee
This has already been covered.
                                 Shade Tree 
• Village Tree Planting – Residential - 161 trees
• Board of Education - 34 trees
• CBD Tree Wells -  4 were completed
• Adopt-A-Tree -  27 trees planted
• Trees refused by residents, being planted in parks
The landmark Sycamore tree located on the island in Graydon Pool has to be removed.  There were two professional arborist analysis/reports done and there is no alternative.  It has been approved for removal by the Village Council.  The date of removal will not be given to anyone for security reasons.  There were also two silver maples removed near the Ridgewood Skate Park.
                                 Community Center Advisory Board
Nothing to report, meeting is Thursday
 Project Pride - CBD
Four test tree wells were installed in the CBD.
   Conservancy for Ridgewood Public Lands
The Conservancy for Ridgewood Public Lands had a joint meeting with REAC to discuss the upcoming annual festival.  April 22, 2018 will be the Village Annual Daffodil Festival/Earth Day to be held at Van Neste Square.  The focus and theme for Earth Day is Waste Reduction and Recycling.  The music will be provided by Blue Plate Special and arrangements for the petting zoo completed. 
                                 Ridgewood Arts Council
Nothing to report 
 Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Council (REAC)
 D. Sayles reported the price of recycling is going up.  China is no longer accepting recycling from the United States.  He also informed the PRC Board, there is now a market for styrofoam.
Next Meeting  Tuesday, February 27, 2018
The Stable at 7:30 pm  
Adjournment  10:00 PM
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Date: September 23, 2018
Attendance: Present:  Chair Rich Brooks, Vice Chair Dave Sayles, Lou Lembo, Mary Mogerley, Village Council Liaison Ramon Hache, BOE Liaison Jim Morgan, Michael Winograd,
 Absent: William Riker, Liz Kloak
Also Present: Director Nancy Bigos, Dan Cramblitt
Public Comment &
Correspondence: There were several letters presented at this meeting. The letters were all commending the Parks and Recreation Department.  One of the letters offered for perusal was also read at the Ridgewood Council meeting.  It stated the fantastic job Parks and Recreation was doing, specifically mentioned how well the Summer Camps were run, expressed their thanks and how it is another reason to be proud of Ridgewood. There was also a letter that had been sent to the Mayor and Council expressing happiness, pleasure and the “oceans” of enjoyment at Graydon Pool this year. The member of Graydon Pool specifically mentioned that she and other “regulars” at the pool were pleased the sparkling clean water and lauded Daniel Cramblitt.  There were also two letters thanking the Parks and Recreation Department for their assistance and continued support of their events held in Ridgewood.
Minutes: Minutes for June 2018 were approved with motions.  D. Sayles first and L. Lembo second motion.  All were in favor and there were no questions or changes.
Athletic Fields and
Recreational Facilities 
Use Policy The policy was approved by the Fields Committee and the BOE.
• Dr. Fishbein is the liaison for the BOE
• Keith Cook is the Fields Committee Co-Chair & RHS Athletic Director – has access to emails of compliance
• Dan Cramblitt is the Field Committee Co-Chair & Liaison for Parks and Recreation
• The Chairs receive emails for Field Policy
D. Sayles stated that each athletic group has its own folder with all the required documents, including insurance of two million aggregate and 501c3 if required.
The possibility of performing an audit on the sports organizations was suggested. The audit is to ascertain that the organizations have everything that is required.  J. Morgan proposed that the Field Committee regulate this and require random audits by picking an organization at random each year.  D. Sayles agreed that would be the way to conduct the audit as well.
There was a very lengthy discussion addressing various parts of the amended Field Policy. It was also mentioned that H. Mailander has asked that policy be determined for municipal fields and facilities use by “for profit groups” and large events.
R. Hache stated the Athletic Fields and Recreational Facilities Use Policy is good now, a lot stronger.  He feels it just needs to be tweaked but was ready to be sent to the Village Council.
The PRC Board agreed with R. Hache and the Athletic Field and Recreational Facilities Policy is to be forwarded to the Village Council to be addressed and approved.

2019/20 Recreation
Fee Schedule A new fee schedule for Parks and Recreation is to be presented to the Village Council tomorrow night, September 26th.  In past years the department has raised the fees slightly as a means for additional revenue.  The proposed department fee schedule for 2019/2020 is following that philosophy. 
 The Summer Camp rates for 2019/2020 now include non-residents in the fee structure.  The sale of non-resident memberships for Graydon Pool has been increasing yearly, whereas resident memberships are down.
Van Neste Park Lighting Project:
 The Village Council has earmarked $70,000.00 for this project, while local developers were also contributing to the funding for the lighting of the Central Business District. The developers are slow in coming back to undertake the lighting project.  It was stated that the project is still moving forward but is in need of private funding to continue.

Maple Park/
Turf Field Annual Maintenance Contract - The Fields Committee and sports groups agreed they will cover the full cost of field maintenance. It will be performed twice yearly; the cost will be $20,000.00 per year.  When and if it floods/storms it will need to be taken care of as soon as possible.  The cost will be $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 per incident.  The cost for all maintenance will be split between the following sports organizations: Lacrosse, two soccer groups and football.  This will allow the Village Council to earmark the money that would have been used for maintenance to be put in a fund for replacement of the turf field in the future.
 Note: GMAX numbers are changing and lower numbers will be required.  At this time the NFL requires a GMAX of 165.

2018 Green Acres
Diversion Update There has been a break-through and a solution to this dilemma.  The Green Acres Diversion is on the agenda for tomorrow night’s Village Council meeting under Closed Session.

Kings Pond Park Phase I Development – The development of the park has begun. 
• Serious park maintenance cleanup
• The willow trees will be removed by Downes Tree Service
• Parking lot and parking spaces, engineering is taking the lead on this

HealthBarn Programs: HealthBarn partnered with Parks & Recreation for the following fall classes, there are four new programs being offered as well.
• Storytime/Garden Adventure (Preschool)
• Teen Chefs in Training (Middle School, Class full)
• 2018 Healthy Harvest Celebration (Grades K – 5, Class Full)
• A Harvest Feast Culinary Gathering (Adults, 5 Course Meal)
• Organic Garden to Table, Pizza Making Day (Seniors)
• Nutrition 101 (Adults)
There will be a Thanksgiving Elder Dinner offered to seniors free of charge at Old Paramus Church.  Although it will not be on Thanksgiving Day, it will be greatly appreciated by those who haven’t any plans with family or friends.
ROID Grant Application: (Recreational Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities)
This grant is offered to assist government entities in meeting their mandates under the Americans with Disabilities Act so people with disabilities may be included in municipal recreational programs.
Graydon Pool Season Final Report:  2018 Graydon Final Report provided the Membership Sales Comparisons and Annual Revenues report which covered the years 2013 through 2018. The badge sales for full season resident adults and children were down.  However, the late season badge sales revenue more than doubled the proceeds of 2017, probably due to improvements at Graydon and the beautiful clear water. The sale of badges to non-residents is continuing to rise as well. 
 N. Bigos shared the fact that weather was a major factor for loss of sales revenue for 2018.  She brought in the daily weather figures for the season and they indeed indicate a definite bearing on attendance and sales figures for the summer season. 

Children’s Sensory
Garden Gifting to Village: The Children’s Sensory/Butterfly Garden
 Village Council Resolution 18-284: Accept Donation from Conservancy for Ridgewood Public Lands – Children’s Sensory/Butterfly Garden – Accepts a donation from the Conservancy for Ridgewood Public Lands of a Children’s Sensory/Butterfly Garden located adjacent to the outdoor classroom at The Stable
 N. Bigos shared that it is a beautiful addition and all should come over to the Stable and view the garden.
Recreation Fall Programs: N. Bigos shared brochures filled with programs for this season. The classes partnered with HealthBarn have already been covered earlier in report.
 Community Center: Some new programs instituted through the Community Center in addition to the multitude of programs that have already been introduced over the years.
• Teens on the Move
• Fly Fishing
2019 Departmental
Budget Requests Parks and Recreation - Budget requests were due last Friday, September 21st and have been submitted to the CFO. A request of $773,000.00 has been submitted for the Operating Budget. 
  Four of the Capital Budget requests are to be funded with 50/50 grants.  A grant has been submitted for the house located at Schedler.  Other grants have come together for the development of the Schedler property as well.
 The new chipper truck and purchase of a resistograph was briefly discussed.
New Business Ridgewood Duck Pond – Many Ridgewood residents mistakenly think the Duck Pond belongs to the Village Of Ridgewood.  Many of them call and or write the Village to complain about state of the park. It is massively overgrown and the whole area is appalling.  Bergen County has pledged to clean up and repair the waterway so the pond will be able to receive fresh water.  $2,000,000.00 has been earmarked for this project.
 The county is in the process of bidding out the project.
 N. Bigos asked R. Hache to address this in his comments tomorrow night so the residents will know the atrocious condition of Ridgewood Duck Pond is being addressed.
Liaison Reports Village Council – R. Hache
 The Village council has been discussing the new Master Plan for the Village of Ridgewood using forums, surveys for community outreach. They have also been working on zoning and performing arts project.
 R. Hache showed everybody the new website to promote the CBD.  He asked everyone to please take the time to take a look.
 Board of Ed - J. Morgan
 The major focus of the BOE has been the new teachers’ contract.  The teachers would like a substantial increase. The BOE is offering a 2% raise, but haven’t the resources to meet their demands.  J. Morgan stated the rise in cost for the insurance package for the teachers is out of control, 6-61/2% increase.  The Ridgewood teachers are paid at the top of scale and none leave Ridgewood unless it is for personal reasons.  J. Morgan also mentioned that he hopes it can be settled without going 18 months as they did the last time.  He also shared that he believes the teachers deserve more money but they simply do not have the funds to give them.  He shared that the Special Education Program alone costs $50,000.00 – to $75,000.00 to function.
Open Space Committee - D. Sayles
No Report
       Fields Committee – R. Hache/ R. Brooks
• Fall schedule was distributed
• Maintenance contract was discussed
• Discussion on the possibility of a later High School start time and the impact it would have on all sports, fields, lighting, busing and scheduling.
• Maple Field – Discussion regarding protection from flooding. 
S. Bernhardt brought information about new flooding barricades.
Sandbags could be used as a temporary structure.   Apparently berms and barricades would not be the answer.  The question of “where will the water be going?” was brought up by engineering.  They need C. Rutishauser to discuss the DEP regulations with them.
       Shade Tree Commission – N. Bigos 
 No Report  
       Community Center Advisory Board - L. Lembo
. The pictures that were due to be removed in the Community Center were picked up by L. Lembo and brought back to the Ridgewood High School.
 In the future they will be having their meetings at the Stable. 
 Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee (REAC) - M. Mogerley
 The group went to Glen Rock to discuss Styrofoam disposal. 
 The committee has accumulated some money and had a discussion regarding the best way to use it.
Next Meeting  Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at the Stable, 7:30 pm
Adjournment  10:45 PM
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