Master Plan Final Draft August 20, 2022

Master Plan Update from Mayor Knudsen

The Ridgewood Planning Board and Master Plan Committee are pleased to present the Village of Ridgewood Master Plan draft for preliminary public review and feedback. A public hearing for adoption by the Planning Board is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20th, 2022, 7:30 pm at Village Hall.

Ridgewood's Master Plan is a robust, comprehensive, and dynamic document that reflects our community's collective vision for the future.

Although New Jersey requires only four elements in a municipal Master Plan, the Master Plan Committee, working with Heyer-Gruel, made a commitment to ensuring all elements were considered, updated as necessary, and included where relevant.
Community and stakeholder input gathered through the Visioning process provides the foundation for the Master Plan document.

The hope is everyone will have an opportunity to review this amazing document before the September 20, 2022 Planning Board Public Hearing.

Final Master Plan