20220120 - CSAC Minutes

CSAC MEETING--January 20, 2022-- MINUTES



CSAC Members/ Liaisons: Anastasia Bamberg, Sheila Brogan, Sgt. John Chuck, Charles S. Di Marco, Robert Fuhrman, Mary Micale, Jane Remis, Councilmember Lorraine Reynolds, Christopher J. Rutishauser, Barbara Sacks

Others: Julia Bruno, John Prieto



1)  Franklin Avenue Corridor-- Exchange of comments and reviews continues between County and Village on 2021 draft plan.

2)  Pedestrian/Bike SRTS Grants-- No recent updates by NV5 on progress and construction schedule.

3)  CBDAC-- Comments on Village Master Plan underway and presentation planned regarding Complete Streets Initiative. 

4)  SSATF-- No activity to report. 

5)  West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-- Construction for 2021 complete. Some unused funds may be available for 2022. Additional Capital Budget request being prepared by Engineering. Ped- Actuated signal under consideration for Alpine Terrace crosswalk. 

6)  West Glen Avenue/ North Monroe Street Signal-- Foundation installation after winter.

7)  Ped-Actuated Signal-West Glen Avenue/ Hillcrest Road-- Equipment received by Village. Installation to be scheduled after winter.

8)  Smart Street NJ-- Prototype banner needs to designed and locations proposed ( both east and west CBD). Presentation to Council to be scheduled. Input from CBDAC and business community deemed desirable.

9)  Parking Guide/Map for BOE/Rec Fields-- Still under development for select locations including RHS.

10) Morningside Road/Hamilton Road-- Preliminary plans to narrow and channelize the offset intersections being developed and under review by Engineering.



1)  Mr. Prieto, 663 Wall Street, provided the CSAC with a Program For Pedestrian Safety. He was thanked for his effort and interest in safety. CSAC members were asked to review the program and offer comments for the next meeting. 

2)  Age-Friendly Ridgewood-- Ms. Brogan discussed A-FR initiative of a ZOOM discussion regarding the issue of sidewalk bike-riding, especially in the CBD. Possible education programs, pavement signs/ messages, etc. could be topics. Individuals interested in participating should contact Ms. Brogan.

3)  Village Master Plan Circulation Element-- Mr. DiMarco reported being interviewed by NV5, Village Master Plan consultant, regarding the Circulation Element. Safety, traffic and pedestrian/bike  needs were discussed. Mr. Rutishauser was also interviewed by NV5.

4)  2022/2023 CSAC appointments-- Village Council interviews with citizen volunteers are underway and continuing in the next week.

5)  NJ Safe Passing Law requiring drivers to allow a four foot clearance when encountering pedestrians and bikes becomes effective in March. Sgt. Chuck did not see any special educational efforts needed within the Village at this time.


NEXT MEETING: February 17, 2022 at 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall.

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