CSAC Meeting Minutes 20190418


CSAC Members/ Liaisons: Sheila Brogan, Anastasia Bamberg, Melinda Cronk, Charles S. Di Marco, Joyce Docktor, Robert Fuhrman,   (Village Engineer, Christopher J. Rutishauser, PE (CJR), was unable to attend meeting but submitted comments via e-mail as noted in BOLD).

Others: Jane Remis



1)  Franklin Avenue On-Street Parking/Traffic Calming--CSAC consensus supported the County's preliminary concept plan dated 6/19/18 along Franklin Avenue between North Broad Street and North Maple Avenue and along North Maple Avenue between Franklin Avenue and East Ridgewood Avenue. Of particular note are the provisions for seating areas, corner bump-outs, shortened crosswalks, a shared bike lane and a modernized and demand-responsive traffic/ pedestrian signal system. The CSAC urged the Village Council to expedite any municipal agreements and/or resolutions to promptly advance the project.

2)  Crosswalk at Van Emburgh Avenue/ Hampshire Road-- (CJR: Construction soon)

3)  Pedestrian/Bike SRTS Grants--(CJR: Progress being made)

4)  CBDAC-- No Report.

5)  Kenilworth Road/Spring Avenue-- STOP Logo Installation. (CJR: On the Schedule)

6)  North Walnut Street--Review of May 16,2018 Meeting Suggestions-- (CJR: When time permits, this will be examined)

7)  Union Street-- Review of October 18, 2018 Meeting Suggestions--(CJR: Signal Division examining additional signage; thermoplastic markings contractor is not yet in Village.)

8)  Pershing Avenue--Review of October 18, 2018 Meeting Suggestions--(CJR: Sidewalks are not warranted on this wide street  and particularly between East Ridgewood Avenue and Wyndemere Avenue based on vehicular and pedestrian activity)

9)  Pedestrian Safety Awareness Program-- Safe Streets Action Task Force reports the following: STOP/WAVE/LOOK magnets are ready and will be distributed to all K-8 students; Assemblies and/or classroom safety lessons will occur in all K-8 schools in May; Signs are to be posted on the RR Overpass and at Graydon Park; Valley Hospital community mailing and Village website will feature the campaign logo; Police will issue "thank you" certificates to bikers wearing helmets redeemable for a free treat at Van Dyk's Ice Cream-- certificate printing donated by Ridgewood Press.

10) Starbucks Driveway-- The Planning Board engineer responsible for the site plan review was contacted to address the issues at the entrance/exit on Franklin Avenue. An updated signage and site plan was prepared for review by the applicant's traffic engineer. The revised plan calls for new lane markings, additional signage, modifications to curb apron areas to conform with the original site approval, a tree planting in the right-of-way and the installation of flexible post delineators along the centerline of Franklin Avenue. Bergen County and Sgt. Chuck are reported have approved the plan. Approval by the Village Council may be required along with a maintenance agreement. (Correspondence on this topic furnished by CJR)

11) Irving Street/ East Ridgewood Avenue-- (CJR: Request for Pedestrian Crossing signs submitted to Bergen County; no response to date)

12) GWMS Drop-Off/ Pick-up Map--Safe Streets Action Task Force has been fully occupied with SWL campaign. Will address project in near future.

13) Long-Term Programs/Policy Discussion-(On-Going)

  1.   a) West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-(CJR: Construction between Oak Street and Hillcrest Road underway. Hillcrest Road to North Monroe Street not included in 2019 Capital Budget) . CSAC reiterated the need to initiate a study/ concept plan for this important major project and described the omission from the 2019 Capital Budget as a "missed opportunity".


1)  Creating Age-Friendly Streets-- Reminder to all of Webinar Series in April/May.

2)  HSA Representative-- Ms. Cronk was thanked for her service as a member of CSAC when her term ends as Federated HSA President. The incoming Federated HSA President, Ms. Kelly Buchsbaum, will join CSAC in May.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall.

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