CSAC Meeting Minutes 20190321


CSAC Members/Liaisons: Sheila Brogan, Anastasia Bamberg, Sgt. Jay Chuck, Melinda Cronk, Robert Fuhrman, Christopher J. Rutishauser, PE, Barbara Sacks, Jane Shinozuka, Councilman Jeffrey Voigt, Martin Walker

Others: Mariko Alexander,  Anne Corkery, Devin Corkery, Niena Jerdee, Rebecca Katzman, Sarka Mehlenbacher, Bob Mosher, Anastasia Pozzessere, Anthony Pozzessere, Jane Remis, Caitlin Schirripa, Jiffy Vermylen 

Neil Desai, AICP, NJPP, Senior Planner, NV5; Annette Schultz, PP, AICP, Supervising Planner, NV5



1)  Franklin Avenue On-Street Parking/ Traffic Calming-- Bergen County Preliminary Plans were distributed and available at the meeting. CSAC review/comments were requested for the next meeting.

2)  Crosswalk at Van Emburgh Avenue/ Hampshire Road-- Scheduled for 2019 per Mr. Rutishauser.

3)  Pedestrian/Bike SRTS Grants-- NV5 aware of grant. Review of  NJDOT comments by Engineering is on-going.

4)  CBDAC-- No Update on Activities. Ms. Shinosuka to relay CSAC comments on Parking Regulations Modifications to CBDAC.

5)  Kenilworth Avenue/ Spring Avenue-- STOP Logo installation awaits warmer weather in coming months.

6)  Sherman Place- Recommendations for Washington Place to Dead-End-- Engineering's recommendations sent to Police. Police have reservations/issues with access for non-residents. Recommendations from staff were submitted to Village Council.

7)  North Walnut Street-- Several residents related issues and potential approaches previously discussed at several CSAC meetings from June 21, 2018 to the present. Police and Engineering agreed to review the earlier approaches within the next two months; however, the recommended double-yellow centerline was again supported by Village staff as a proven, practical and effective traffic calming measure. 

8)  Union Street-- Mr. Rutishauser will review and comment on the suggestions offered at the October 18, 2018 CSAC meeting.

9)  Pershing Avenue-- Mr. Rutishauser will review and comment on the suggestions offered at the October 18, 2018 CSAC meeting.

10) Pedestrian Safety Awareness Program-- Progress being made on Stop/Look/Wave. Magnets with S/L/W logo are being prepared. Assemblies at all schools are scheduled in May.

11) Starbucks Driveway-- Mr. Rutishauser noted the existing exit lane signing was recommended by the then-Planning Board engineer as part of site plan review. He will review the signage in view of the MUTCD standards.

12) Long-Term Programs/Policy Discussions (On-Going)

  1.  a) West Glen Avenue Sidewalks--2019 Capital Budget does not include Heights Road-North Monroe Street segment.Oak Street -Hillcrest Road remains scheduled for 2019.
  2.  b) Village Master Plan/ CSAC Input-- Mr. Desai and Ms. Schultz gave an introduction and background report on NV5's role in organizing the Village's Planning Process through Our Village, Our Future-- a forward look of up to 20 years. The current Master Plan is a compilation of numerous past documents which evolved and was modified periodically. A VISIONING questionnaire has sought input  from Village residents-- through mid-March 2019, 850 responses have been received from a total of 6,000 Ridgewood households        (a return rate of approximately 14%). NV5 will be posting progress on the questionnaire and study on the project website. NV5 reports meeting with numerous parties including student groups, business associations, and community interests such as Age-Friendly which has been very active in the process. NV5 noted the timeline is nearing the end of the "Promote and Engage" stage. Next is the "Produce the Vision Plan" stage.

CSAC input focused on the following areas and issues: parking supply and management; promotion of walking, school bus use and school safety in general; enhancing CBD attractiveness and marketability; reducing automobile-reliance in the community; strengthening the "neighborhood" concept; facilitating bike and walking modes of transport.


1)  Irving Street/ East Ridgewood Avenue Crosswalk/ Bus Stop-- A clearly-marked crosswalk exists. Police will note area for enforcement as needed. Engineering will review the possible use of a PEDESTRIAN CROSSING sign(s). 

2)  Oak Street School Bus Route/ West Glen Avenue--Board of Education staff ( transportation coordinator) regularly evaluates bus routes and stops to consider changes in student registrations/addresses and transportation needs which may not be complete before late summer. The Board with input from Police and Engineering will be reviewing this matter in the coming months.

3)  GWMS-- The Principal's letter to GWMS parents and caretakers was discussed. The Safe Streets Action Task Force ( Ms. Bamberg and Ms. Remis) is willing to develop a Drop Off/ Pick-Up Map for GWMS with the cooperation of the school and others.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall.


Our Village, Our Future

Visioning for Ridgewood's Next Master Plan

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