20220120 - CSAC Minutes

CSAC MEETING--January 20, 2022-- MINUTES



CSAC Members/ Liaisons: Anastasia Bamberg, Sheila Brogan, Sgt. John Chuck, Charles S. Di Marco, Robert Fuhrman, Mary Micale, Jane Remis, Councilmember Lorraine Reynolds, Christopher J. Rutishauser, Barbara Sacks

Others: Julia Bruno, John Prieto



1)  Franklin Avenue Corridor-- Exchange of comments and reviews continues between County and Village on 2021 draft plan.

2)  Pedestrian/Bike SRTS Grants-- No recent updates by NV5 on progress and construction schedule.

3)  CBDAC-- Comments on Village Master Plan underway and presentation planned regarding Complete Streets Initiative. 

4)  SSATF-- No activity to report. 

5)  West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-- Construction for 2021 complete. Some unused funds may be available for 2022. Additional Capital Budget request being prepared by Engineering. Ped- Actuated signal under consideration for Alpine Terrace crosswalk. 

6)  West Glen Avenue/ North Monroe Street Signal-- Foundation installation after winter.

7)  Ped-Actuated Signal-West Glen Avenue/ Hillcrest Road-- Equipment received by Village. Installation to be scheduled after winter.

8)  Smart Street NJ-- Prototype banner needs to designed and locations proposed ( both east and west CBD). Presentation to Council to be scheduled. Input from CBDAC and business community deemed desirable.

9)  Parking Guide/Map for BOE/Rec Fields-- Still under development for select locations including RHS.

10) Morningside Road/Hamilton Road-- Preliminary plans to narrow and channelize the offset intersections being developed and under review by Engineering.



1)  Mr. Prieto, 663 Wall Street, provided the CSAC with a Program For Pedestrian Safety. He was thanked for his effort and interest in safety. CSAC members were asked to review the program and offer comments for the next meeting. 

2)  Age-Friendly Ridgewood-- Ms. Brogan discussed A-FR initiative of a ZOOM discussion regarding the issue of sidewalk bike-riding, especially in the CBD. Possible education programs, pavement signs/ messages, etc. could be topics. Individuals interested in participating should contact Ms. Brogan.

3)  Village Master Plan Circulation Element-- Mr. DiMarco reported being interviewed by NV5, Village Master Plan consultant, regarding the Circulation Element. Safety, traffic and pedestrian/bike  needs were discussed. Mr. Rutishauser was also interviewed by NV5.

4)  2022/2023 CSAC appointments-- Village Council interviews with citizen volunteers are underway and continuing in the next week.

5)  NJ Safe Passing Law requiring drivers to allow a four foot clearance when encountering pedestrians and bikes becomes effective in March. Sgt. Chuck did not see any special educational efforts needed within the Village at this time.


NEXT MEETING: February 17, 2022 at 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall.

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20211216 - CSAC Minutes

CSAC MEETING--December 16, 2021-- MINUTES


CSAC Members/ Liaisons:  Anastasia Bamberg, Sheila Brogan, Sgt. John Chuck, Charles S. Di Marco, Joyce Docktor, Mary Micale, Jane Remis, Councilmember Lorraine Reynolds, Barbara Sacks, Jane Shinozuka. { Village Engineer, Christopher J. Rutishauser, PE (CJR), was unable to attend meeting but submitted comments via e-mail as noted in BOLD}.


Others:  Julia Bruno, James Judge


1)  Franklin Avenue Corridor-- (CJR: Review still in progress).

2)  Pedestrian/ Bike SRTS Grants-- (CJR: Still moving along. NV5 has submitted a project update to Engineering which is under review).

3)  CBDAC--No meeting in past month.

4)  SSATF-- No activities to report.

5)  West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-- ( CJR: North side sidewalks completed  between Alpine Terrace and North Monroe Street. Construction completed for 2021 season). CSAC noted the need to include funding in 2022 Capital Budget to continue the project.

6)  West Glen Avenue/ North Monroe Street Signal--(CJR: Construction of foundations being scheduled).

7)  Ped-Actuated Crossing Signal- West Glen Avenue/ Hillcrest Road-- (CJR: Pole foundations have been constructed).

8)  Smart Street NJ-- Approximately 12 banners are envisioned with two-sided displays preferred. A presentation to the Village Council in early 2022 was suggested by Councilmember Reynolds.

9)  Parking Guide/Map for BOE/ Rec Fields-- Ms. Micale is organizing a committee in January to advance this project. Nancy Bigos has expressed support and interest in the project.



1)  Complete Streets Technical Assistance Program/ Grants from NJTPA-- The free assistance grants offered to communities was discussed. Suggestions for specific projects/grant applications should be sent to Engineering for consideration.

2)  Orchard School Access-HSA Suggestions--(CJR: Waiting for Fire Department review of ideas submitted by HSA. Concerns about emergency egress/ingress). Mr. Judge described the pattern of dog walkers/ pedestrians/others crossing through the school property via Orchard Place and Bel Air tennis courts. The suggestions included additional gate-controls to limit access particularly during school hours. No incidents have been reported. Ms. Brogan said Superintendent Gorman will discuss the matter with Orchard Principal, Ms. Ferrieri. Sgt. Chuck offered several options for gate control and noted existing security available at the school. CSAC concluded the concerns related to security rather than safety-related issues and suggested further deliberations be handled by BOE/ HSA/ Police and Engineering.

3)  Ms. Bruno discussed concerns regarding the intersection of Morningside and Hamilton Roads including high vehicle travel speeds, failure of drivers to complete a full stop at the existing STOP signs and unsafe driving practices at both wide-throat intersections of Morningside Road at Hamilton Road. Sgt. Chuck noted the results of four speed studies completed by the Police Department which did not show a pattern of high travel speeds and typical speeds closely in accordance with the posted speed limit. These two locations were a topic of discussion at the CSAC meetings of July 16, 2015, September 10, 2015 and October 15, 2015. At that time, the CSAC recommended consideration by the Engineering Division of channelization/traffic calming techniques with pavement markings better defining desired vehicle paths to help reduce speeds along the large radius curves and to shorten the length of crosswalks thereby reducing the areas for potential vehicle/pedestrian conflicts. The CSAC renewed its recommendation and now asks the Engineering Division to re-visit these locations and to report its conclusions and suggestions. 

4)  2022 CSAC Meeting Schedule was confirmed-- 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall.
 Dates are: 1/20; 2/17; 3/17; 4/21; 5/19; 6/16; 7/21; 8/18; 9/15; 10/20; 11/17; 12/15.



NEXT MEETING: Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall.

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20211118 - CSAC Minutes

CSAC MEETING-- November 18, 2021-- MINUTES 


CSAC Members/Liaisons: Anastasia Bamberg, Sheila Brogan, Charles S. Di Marco, Joyce Docktor, Robert Fuhrman, Jane Remis, Councilmember Lorraine Reynolds, Christopher J. Rutishauser, PE, Barbara Sacks

Others: None



1)  Franklin Avenue Corridor-- No Updates/Responses from County.

2  Pedestrian/Bike SRTS Grants--Request to NJDOT for additional funding is not promising. Construction in late-2022.

3)  CBDAC-- Master Plan process continues- comments are requested.

4)  SSATF--No activity.

5)  West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-- Site visit with residents and Village staff completed. Consensus was to construct the work scheduled for this year with a four foot planting area between the curb and sidewalk. Additional areas under study to complete design.

6)  West Glen Avenue/ North Monroe Street Signal-- Work will be coordinated with sidewalk project.

7)  Ped-Actuated Crossing Signal -West Glen Avenue/ Hilcrest Road-- Equipment ordered-not delivered to date.

8)  Smart Street NJ-- Banners to be ordered and spaced for display in CBD after January/ February 2022.

9)  Parking Guide/Map for BOE/ Rec Fields--Ms. Micale reported (by e-mail) a presentation on the topic to the Federated HSA Board was well-received and solicited several offers by members to assist the effort. Ms. Micale said she would coordinate between CSAC and HSA.

10) CSAC Membership; Election of Chair-2012-- Councilmember Reynolds reported all seven public members asked to be considered for re-appointment for terms starting January 1, 2022. Village Council will be be discussing appointments in the near future.
Mr. Di Marco said the scheduling disruptions related to COVID measures in 2020-1 had resulted in CSAC not officially selecting a Chair in accordance with the By-laws. An election by the public members for Chair in the years of 2021 and 2022 (subject to any changes in membership) resulted in the selection of Mr. Di Marco (vote was 5-0 in favor; one blank ballot).



1)  Other-- No items presented.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall.

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20211021 - CSAC Minutes

CSAC MEETING-- October 21, 2021-- MINUTES


CSAC Members/ Liaisons: Sgt. John Chuck, Charles S. Di Marco, Mary Micale, Jane Remis, Councilmember Lorraine Reynolds, Christopher J. Rutishauser, PE, Barbara Sacks

Others: Alex Blake, David White, Min You



1) Franklin Avenue Corridor-- No progress to report on County review. County plans to resurface Godwin Avenue in Ridgewood next year.

2)  Pedestrian/Bike SRTS Grants-- Public comments submitted to NV5. Additional funding requested from NJDOT and may be available from other municipalities which have not used all allotted funds.

3)  CBDAC-- No report. 

4)  SSATF--Banners may be available in January. Early observations of student Drop-off/Pick-up since normal schedule has returned is better than in previous years. GWMS still has issues to resolve. Sgt. Chuck reported all crossing guard posts are now staffed except at Ridge School. RHS Drop-offs are OK; Pick-ups need some parent education (particularly for those new to the building) regarding safe practices. 

5)  West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-- Construction is scheduled for October/ November 2021. Utility and construction layout underway. The Village sent letters to affected residents on August 25th showing the design and indicating the upcoming construction plans. Mr. Blake stated that some residents (including several who signed supporting letters which he offered to present) adjacent to the proposed work questioned the design of a four foot wide sidewalk and a four foot wide tree planting strip between the sidewalk and curb.  He also stated that residents' had not been afforded an adequate opportunity to comment before Council.  An alternate design of only a sidewalk adjacent to the curb was suggested and discussed by Mr. Blake with Mr. Rutishauser. Mr. Rutishauser said the concept for the sidewalk work, all to be built within the Village's right-of-way, had been reviewed at a public Council session earlier this year and approved with the strong support for inclusion of a tree-planting area for safety and aesthetic reasons as shown on the design plans. Mr. Blake stated he and the other residents did not object to the new sidewalks-- only the design and location within the right-of way. CSAC's consensus concluded the matter was a design issue best decided by the Engineering Division.
Mr. Blake agreed to furnish Ms. Reynolds with copies of the resident's letters. Ms. Reynolds also cited several Council's meetings since late August where public comments are heard as an opportunity to address the design issues being raised. Mr. Blake was encouraged to bring comments to the Council at upcoming meetings.

6)  West Glen Avenue/ North Monroe Street Signal-- Signal Division is coordinating upgrade with sidewalk work.

7)  Ped-Actuated Crossing Signal-West Glen Avenue/Hillcrest Road--Equipment ordered-not received to date. 'Yield-To-Pedestrian' signs added as interim measure.

8)  Smart Street NJ-- No report.

9)  Bryden Place/Oak Street-Glenwood Road-- Police report no problems along the streets in question since RR-Crossing re-opened. Observed queues noted along westbound West Glen Avenue during morning peak have dissipated. No further actions are deemed to be needed at this time.

10) Willard School/ Morningside Area--Sgt. Chuck reported completion of the traffic survey of vehicle volumes and travel speeds. Approximately 9,000 vehicles in a one week period were surveyed. The average speed recorded was 26mph. During the one week study period, 13 vehicles were recorded at a speed at or above 40mph. No additional actions were deemed needed at this time.



1)  North Irving Street Parking-- Ms. Sacks reported a continuing problem with illegal parking and related safety issues along North Irving Street particularly during recreational events. Added enforcement was encouraged. Also, the benefits of a "Parking Map" were discussed.
(see ITEM 3 below).

2)  Waste Containers/ Debris in Streets-- No specific regulation exists but it was agreed that obstructing the travel way was illegal but not a widespread issue. No recommendation was suggested beyond reporting and responding to individual problems that may arise. 

3)  Parking Guide/ Map for BOE/ Rec Fields-- The availability of a Parking Guide/ Map was supported. Ms. Remis offered to work on this task with the support of Ms. Micale and Ms. Sacks . The initial discussion focused on ultimately making the Map available on the BOE, Parks& Rec and possibly Village websites for Ridgewood residents, visiting school sports teams and out-of-town participants. Ms. Brogan had expressed interest in helping the effort and it was agreed to consult with sports, Police and other entities for input.

4)  Mr. Di Marco noted the CSAC by-laws require annual election of a Chair-- which did not occur due in part to the virtual meetings held during the past year. Mr. Di Marco was nominated by Ms. Sacks. CSAC public members are asked for other nominations for Chair for 2021-2022 to be submitted to Mr. DiMarco by November 12th.  Any nominee should agree in advance to serve if elected. The election will be held by secret ballot at the November 18th meeting.


NEXT MEETING: Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall.

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20210916 - CSAC Minutes

CSAC MEETING-- September 16, 2021-- MINUTES


CSAC Members/ Liaisons: Sheila Brogan, Sgt. John Chuck, Charles S. Di Marco, Joyce Docktor, Robert Fuhrman, Jane Remis, Councilmember Lorraine Reynolds, Christopher J. Rutishauser, PE

Others: John Prieto



1)  Franklin Avenue Corridor-- Design Elements being refined  by Village staff with Bergen County including ADA-compliant features. 

2)  Pedestrian/ Bike SRTS Grants-- Public Information Meeting by NV5 and NJDOT held on August 12, 2021. Concept plans for sidewalk and crossing improvements were presented. Public comments were welcome. Final design expected in 2021. Construction scheduled for 2022.  

3)  CBDAC-- Planning Board meeting regarding the Master Plan is scheduled for September 21st at 7:30 PM  The meeting may be available on-line. Residents wishing to comment must register at www.ridgewoodvillagemp.org.; No update on the Transit Village; Wayfaring signage directing drivers to the parking garage have been installed. { Information provided by Ms. Anastasia Bamberg}

4)  SSATF-- Ms. Remis said updated educational and orientation information was needed for parents regarding safety procedures and protocols as normal school hours return.

5)  West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-- Construction is planned to commence in 2021.

6)  West Glen Avenue/ North Monroe Street Signal--Scheduled for construction and installation by Signal Division in coordination with sidewalk project.

7)  Ped-Actuated Crossing Signal-- Initial installation along Linwood Avenue at Graydon Park/Northern Parkway area; equipment for the next scheduled location, West Glen Avenue/ Hillcrest Road, has been ordered.

8)  Smart Street NJ--Ms. Remis reported no progress or response from Smart Street NJ. Plans for banners being pursued. Mr. Rutishauser requested details of proposed banners to allow design certification to PSE&G  prior to installation on lighting stanchions.

9)  RHS Drop-Off/ Pick-Up-- RHS procedures have been changed as new school year began. Discussion of the need to orient parents new to the school system and/or a new school building. No specific areas of concern available to date. Sgt. Chuck will continue to monitor and review safety operations and coordinate with BOE as needed. CSAC to be informed as needed.

10) Bryden Place/ Oak Street- Glenwood Road-- Re-designed RR crossing is open to eastbound traffic only. No circulation or safety issues have been noted by Police regarding Bryden Place/ Oak Street. An apparently unrelated condition of longer traffic queues on the eastbound West Glen Avenue approach to North Maple Avenue during morning peak hours was observed. A change in travel patterns or commuting practices was cited as a possible cause. Mr. Rutishauser will contact  Bergen County to determine whether a change has been made or is desirable to the signal's timing plan.



1)  Bicycles on East Ridgewood Avenue Sidewalks in CBD-- In response to a resident's suggestion, the issue was discussed. Bicycle riding on sidewalks is illegal under State law and designating a portion of the 36 foot wide roadway as a bikeway would entail numerous safety and operational issues. No practical suggestion  could be developed.

2)  Willard School/Morningside Area-- Sgt. Chuck described the long history of numerous traffic/ speed studies/ discussions with residents, contacts with NJ Transit, on-going Police enforcement and other measures. The general conclusion is the area is well within the norm of safe traffic conditions. The area will  continue to be regularly monitored by the Police.

3)  HSA Representative-- Ms. Mary Micale will be the Federated HSA liaison to CSAC.

4)  Mr. Prieto discussed a number of his observations and concerns with several examples and suggestions for improving safety and walking-friendly measures in the Village. These included: better enforcement of complete stopping at STOP signs and yielding at crosswalks when pedestrians are present;  monitoring and enforcement of speed limits; potential extension of "speed platforms"; and, enhanced signing.


NEXT MEETING: Thursday October 21, 2021- 7:30 PM in the Garden Room at Village Hall

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