20210520 - CSAC Agenda





1)  Franklin Avenue Corridor--Update Status of County Plans Review by Engineering/ Council. (Engineering)


2)  Pedestrian/Bike SRTS Grants-- Progress Report on NV5. (Engineering)


3)  CBDAC-- Report on Transit Village presentation to Council/ Other Activities. (Bamberg)


4)  SSATF-- Any Activity. ( Bamberg/ Remis/ Shinozuka)


5)  West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-- Concept Plan Presentation to Village Council. Initial Response? ( Engineering/ Reynolds)


6)  West Glen Avenue/North Monroe Street Signal-- Progress Report.(Engineering)


7)  Ped-Actuated Crossing Signals(3)-- Included in 2021 Capital Budget? ( Engineering)


8)  Smart Street NJ--Update on Activities/Municipal Support/Grant Application. (Remis/Brogan/Buchsbaum/Reynolds)


9)  RHS Drop-off/Pick-up-- Safety Issues after April 19th Procedure Change? (Police/ Brogan)





1)  Age-Friendly Ridgewood Sidewalk Audit-2021-- Report to Village. (Brogan)


2)  HSA Liaison-- Mary Micale, HSA President, or Designated Representative (Buchsbaum)


3)  Maddy Fishkin- Girl Scout Silver Project. (DiMarco)


4)  Bryden Place/ Oak Street-- Impacts of Glenwood Road One-Way. (Engineering/ Reynolds)


5)  Other


NEXT MEETING: June 17, 2021


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