CSAC Meeting Agenda 20200116



1)  Franklin Avenue Corridor-- Update on Municipal Agreements/ Design Documents. (Engineering/ Voigt)

2)  Crosswalk at Van Emburgh Avenue/Hampshire Road-- Thermoplastic Crosswalk Markings Installed? (Engineering)

3)  Pedestrian/Bike SRTS Grants--Status of NV5 Contract Drawings? Progress on Phase 1?(Engineering)

4)  CBDAC-- Activities Report. (Shinozuka)

5)  North Walnut Street-- Schedule for BEFORE/AFTER Study. (Engineering/ Police)

6)  Union Street-- Thermoplastic Markings Installed? (Engineering)

7)  SSATF-- Facebook Page? Other Educational Measures? GWMS Map/ Meeting with School? (Bamberg/ Shinozuka/ Ms. Remis)

8)  Starbucks Driveway--Response from Starbucks? Notice of Non-Compliance?(Engineering)

9)  West Glen Avenue Sidewalks-- Construction in 2020 (Engineering)

10) Bike Safety/ Educational Efforts/Sidewalk Riding-- HSA Safety Chairs/SRO; Comments re: Ms. Sacks' e-mail?. etc. (Buchsbaum)

11) West Glen Avenue/ North Monroe Street-- Field Review/ Findings/ Recommendations. ( Engineering/ Police)

12) CSAC Appointments-January 1, 2020; Selection of Officers-2010. (Voigt)

13) Long-Term Programs/Policy Discussions. (On-Going)


1)  Proposed Kensington Assisted Living Project on South Broad Street.

2)  Other