20200917 - Citizens Safety Advisory Committee Agenda

1)  Franklin Avenue Corridor--Update on Design Documents; Municipal Agreements. (Engineering/Reynolds)
2)  Crosswalk at Van Emburgh Avenue/ Hampshire Road--Thermoplastic Markings. Schedule? ( Engineering)
3)  Pedestrian/ Bike SRTS Grants--Status of NV5 Work? Meeting in March? What's New?? (Engineering)
4)  CBDAC--Activities Report. (Shinozuka/Bamberg)
5)  North Walnut Street-- Status of BEFORE/AFTER Study. ( Police/Engineering)
6)  Union Street-- Thermoplastic Markings. Schedule? (Engineering)
7)  SSATF-- Status Report. (Bamberg/Shinozuka/ Remis)
8)  Starbucks Driveway--Update on Starbucks Response; Other Actions. (Engineering)
9)  West Glen Avenue-- Update on In-House Concept Study; Sidewalk Construction Bids. (Engineering)
10) Bike Safety/Educational Efforts/Sidewalk Riding-- Meeting with Dr. Fishbein; Status Report. (Buchsbaum)
11) West Glen Avenue/North Monroe Street- Capital Budget Amendment? (Engineering/Reynolds)
12) CSAC Appointments-- Council Review? Action? (Reynolds)
1) Colonial Road. Parking revisions? Safety Issues?(Engineering/ Police)
2)  RHS Traffic Circulation; Neighborhood Issues. (Sacks)
3)  East Glen Avenue-- Speed; Enforcement Actions; Prior Studies/ Findings. (Police)
4)  Other