20181113 Ridgewood Arts Council Meeting Minutes


Present:Audrey Fink, Michael Walsh, Sherry Frank, Rosie McCooe, Max Viola

Absent: Susan Knudsen, Dana Glazer, Sean Flanagan

Guest: Jay Friedman

Meeting Called to order at 7:38 pm


Holiday Window Display:

RAC would like to have a majority of storefront windows decorated by Winterfest. Rosie spoke to Paul Markosian who will act as liaison for the vacant storefront windows on the corner of Ridgewood Avenue and Broad.   RAC will be given access to go in and decorate the interior windows.  RAC looking to borrow decorations for the vacant storefront display. Decorating ideas discussed:  shopping bag with lights, snowflakes, kissing balls, spray snow, stencils. Will we have electricity? Saturday or Sunday will be decorating day with RAC members.

Decision not to move ahead with a banner at Van Neste Square.  

Max attended the Ridgewood Guild meeting. Raymond’s, West Side Deli, Chestnut Deli, Steel Wheel, Park West have verbally agreed to participate.

Some owners expressed concern that their window decorating will bring fines.

Judging the windows- RAC. Winners will get recognition in the upcoming Village calendar. Dana has agreed to look into the emblems/decals and ask Sherry for her assistance. Winners will not be categorized on the emblems/decals.

Max has a friend who will video tape the event for us. 

Rosie to ask Ziggy to photograph the downtown at night. 

Adirondack Chair Exhibit:

Audrey spoke to Backyard Living.  They carry teak or reclaimed plastic, both of which are unsuitable for this effort. They suggested a vendor in VT. Audrey will contact that vendor as well as Kuiken.

Sherry’s thematic idea from Camp Taconic was discussed. Using famous artists’ genre as the theme, decorate Adirondack chairs.  For example; a Picasso, Monet or Renoir themed chair.  Each chair will represent the artist. 

Auction Chairs off at the end of the project!

Next Meeting will be at 12/11 at 7:30pm



Sherry Frank