20181009 Ridgewood Arts Council Meeting Minutes



The meeting was called to order at 7:37.


Present: Audrey Fink, Sherry Frank, Sean Flanagan, Susan Knudsen, Max Viola, Rosie McCooe

Absent: Dana Glazer, Frank Delvecchio, Michael Walsh


The minutes from the September meeting were approved.


New Business:


Mural Art: The new garage is a potential location for the RAC to sponsor a mural. The plan is put on hold until Susan gets the details as to final design and specs, etc.


Bike Racks: Much discussion of buying new “artistic” bike racks for town and co sponsoring this with REAC. Susan proposed rather than spending money on new racks, we look into spray painting the old racks and giving them new life and vibrancy. Susan will inventory the bike racks in town and put together of list of where additional bike racks might be needed. Audrey is going to look into the cost of a brass plate/name plate that could go on the bike racks. Susan and Audrey will work on a color palette suggestions via email.


Benches: Audrey suggested that we could donate or decorate artistic benches once the train station walkway is redone. Susan explained that the “age friendly Ridgewood” group is interested in this project as well. This discussion is tabled for now until we find out what the specifications of this project are.


Community Project: Audrey would like to do some kind of all inclusive project similar to the  “cow parade” but instead of cow's, she suggested we use Adirondack chairs instead. Various organizations could “adopt a chair” and be responsible for the design and cost of chair. Sherry suggested we could do a theme of different artists as a parameter and they could them be displayed in Van Neste Park or other locations.  Issues of cost and theft came up.


Old Business:


Store Fronts: Susan said the VC could pass an ordinance requiring the landlords of empty storefronts be required to install some kind of artwork/display in their windows or incur a fee. The landlords of empty storefronts would have to register with the village and the RAC could help implement a storefront beautification project with them. It was then suggested that we could collaborate with the Guild, Chamber, CBD Advisory and any other village committee and do a “holiday decorating contest” among the different committees. Audrey will draft a letter to the store owners, and Max will talk to Tony Damiano of the Guild to find out how many empty storefronts there are. Susan will also inventory the “kissing balls” in hope of bringing those back to help decorate town for the holiday season. It was also suggested that we could create a POP UP studio for a day and display an actual artist working in a store window.  


Social Media: Susan will check with Matt Rogers and find out if there are any legal ramifications to us setting up an Instagram account.  


Artist Talk: Audrey suggested (on Frank’s behalf) that we invite Vince Curatola of “Sopranos” fame to do an artist talk at Pearl. We also discussed “culinary arts” and the possibility of cooking/baking with Max’s mom.


Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 13.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Rosie McCooe


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