Ridgewood Arts Council Minutes January 8th, 2019

Meeting called 7:32pm

Present: Audrey Fink, Sherry Frank, Sean Flanagan, Sue Knudsen, Dana Glaser, Frank Delvecchio, Michael Walsh

Window Display Clean-Up:

 Weekend of January 22ndand 23rd

All items to be brought to BF Middle School, awaiting confirmation email from Audrey Fink

Kissing Balls:

Restore and repair broken kissing balls.  Sue Knudsen is looking into getting an inventory for us.

Permanent Window Displays in Vacant Store-fronts:

Historic photos might best for this type of display.  

Can these displays hamper the Landlords ability to rent these spaces?  

Keep a theme in the downtown area if we use historic photos.   Measure windows when we take down the Christmas displays.  Michael will start to design and price out a schematic for the vacant windows.

Garbage Cans: 

Should Village garbage cans be more visually appealing?

Bike Racks:

Need to obtain council approval to paint the bike racks.

Next Artist Talk Dana Glaser:

No official screening, we can show clips from the movie and show the trailer and discuss certain scenes.   Invite actors 

Bank Account:

$1000.00-Susan will confirm.


How do we add an event?

Community Access


Submitted: Sherry Frank

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The meeting was called to order at 7:35.

Present: Audrey Fink, Sherry Frank, Sean Flanagan, Rosie McCooe, Michael Walsh, Dana Glazer  

Absent: Frank Delvecchio, Susan Knudsen, Max Viola

Resident: Jay Friedman


Old Business:


Holiday Window Contest: Audrey reported that Facebook engagement on the RAC page is high! The contest was a big success and the feedback has been very positive. We discussed ways that we can improve the contest for next year and create an even bigger participation rate.

Audrey suggested that if we want the corporate businesses to participate, we would need to reach out to them as early as summer to get them on board. 19 storefronts participated this year and the winners were announced on stage during the tree lighting and were given a “decal” as a prize. They will also be acknowledged in the 2019 Village of Ridgewood calendar. Sherry will reach out to Zigi Putnins who offered to take more night time pictures of the windows so that we can create more content for our FB page.  The props that were borrowed from BF will need to be returned to the school by Jan. 25. Rosie will coordinate with the school and committee for the return of the props. Audrey will coordinate with the Village to return kissing balls.

Kissing Balls: RAC voted unanimously to advise the Village to reinstall the kissing balls to enliven the CBD in daytime and nighttime. RAC could coordinate the repair of the kissing balls and getting them in working order for next year. This would involve taking an inventory as well as determining restoration costs.

Vacant Storefronts: The question of how or if we can continue to decorate Rocco’s storefront after the holidays came up.  We are going on the assumption that the RAC will be allowed to continue dressing up those windows and the idea of hanging Ridgewood’s historical photos in that space was suggested. Audrey thinks we can access some photos through the library archives (those photos are part of the 2019 Village calendar) and she priced out what it would cost to make large poster prints through Vistaprint ($20 for a 3’x4’) and Audrey will keep her eyes peeled for holiday specials they may be running.  Audrey is going to ask Susan to allocate a closet in Village Hall for us to keep supplies. Michael is going to reach out to some local artist to see if they have any large scale artwork that we can hang. Rosie will reach out to Lauren Roth and ask if she still has some of the photos that hang in Whole Foods. Jay to reach out to library/Roberta Panjawi. We will continue to reach out to additional landlords.

Bike Racks: Audrey spoke with Nancy Bigos of the Parks Department and was told that the Village ordered 11-12 new bike racks and they are the utilitarian metal type. Nancy gave the ok for the RAC to spray paint the racks and Audrey looked into the cost of nameplates. Need determine timing of installation.

Adirondack Chair Project: Audrey researched the cost of chairs and found raw chairs for the cost of $120 plus shipping. This cost will be part of our proposed budget although this project will be on hold until the spring or summer of 2020.


New Business:


The RAC can potentially be allocated money from the Village Council who will vote on a proposed budget sometime in February. Michael and Dana will work on some items to be included in a budget should we be allocated money. Included in this proposed budget will be the cost of getting prints made for the window display project, spray paint to paint the 11-12 new bike racks, and the cost of adirondack chairs. The RAC can also request money for a specific project from the RAF.

Artist Talk: We discussed having Dana give us an artist talk about the making of A Case of Blue. We talked about hosting an event at Pearl and possibly tying it into the Film Fest similar to how we did it last year with Scott Rosenfelt. More discussion to follow.

Miscellaneous: Starting in February, Dana will be unable to attend meetings on Tuesday nights due to his teaching schedule. Frank is unknown. Audrey will look into the possibility of meeting on another night based on Susan’s availability.


Our next meeting is Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Rosie McCooe


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Present:Audrey Fink, Michael Walsh, Sherry Frank, Rosie McCooe, Max Viola

Absent: Susan Knudsen, Dana Glazer, Sean Flanagan

Guest: Jay Friedman

Meeting Called to order at 7:38 pm


Holiday Window Display:

RAC would like to have a majority of storefront windows decorated by Winterfest. Rosie spoke to Paul Markosian who will act as liaison for the vacant storefront windows on the corner of Ridgewood Avenue and Broad.   RAC will be given access to go in and decorate the interior windows.  RAC looking to borrow decorations for the vacant storefront display. Decorating ideas discussed:  shopping bag with lights, snowflakes, kissing balls, spray snow, stencils. Will we have electricity? Saturday or Sunday will be decorating day with RAC members.

Decision not to move ahead with a banner at Van Neste Square.  

Max attended the Ridgewood Guild meeting. Raymond’s, West Side Deli, Chestnut Deli, Steel Wheel, Park West have verbally agreed to participate.

Some owners expressed concern that their window decorating will bring fines.

Judging the windows- RAC. Winners will get recognition in the upcoming Village calendar. Dana has agreed to look into the emblems/decals and ask Sherry for her assistance. Winners will not be categorized on the emblems/decals.

Max has a friend who will video tape the event for us. 

Rosie to ask Ziggy to photograph the downtown at night. 

Adirondack Chair Exhibit:

Audrey spoke to Backyard Living.  They carry teak or reclaimed plastic, both of which are unsuitable for this effort. They suggested a vendor in VT. Audrey will contact that vendor as well as Kuiken.

Sherry’s thematic idea from Camp Taconic was discussed. Using famous artists’ genre as the theme, decorate Adirondack chairs.  For example; a Picasso, Monet or Renoir themed chair.  Each chair will represent the artist. 

Auction Chairs off at the end of the project!

Next Meeting will be at 12/11 at 7:30pm



Sherry Frank

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The meeting was called to order at 7:37.


Present: Audrey Fink, Sherry Frank, Sean Flanagan, Susan Knudsen, Max Viola, Rosie McCooe

Absent: Dana Glazer, Frank Delvecchio, Michael Walsh


The minutes from the September meeting were approved.


New Business:


Mural Art: The new garage is a potential location for the RAC to sponsor a mural. The plan is put on hold until Susan gets the details as to final design and specs, etc.


Bike Racks: Much discussion of buying new “artistic” bike racks for town and co sponsoring this with REAC. Susan proposed rather than spending money on new racks, we look into spray painting the old racks and giving them new life and vibrancy. Susan will inventory the bike racks in town and put together of list of where additional bike racks might be needed. Audrey is going to look into the cost of a brass plate/name plate that could go on the bike racks. Susan and Audrey will work on a color palette suggestions via email.


Benches: Audrey suggested that we could donate or decorate artistic benches once the train station walkway is redone. Susan explained that the “age friendly Ridgewood” group is interested in this project as well. This discussion is tabled for now until we find out what the specifications of this project are.


Community Project: Audrey would like to do some kind of all inclusive project similar to the  “cow parade” but instead of cow's, she suggested we use Adirondack chairs instead. Various organizations could “adopt a chair” and be responsible for the design and cost of chair. Sherry suggested we could do a theme of different artists as a parameter and they could them be displayed in Van Neste Park or other locations.  Issues of cost and theft came up.


Old Business:


Store Fronts: Susan said the VC could pass an ordinance requiring the landlords of empty storefronts be required to install some kind of artwork/display in their windows or incur a fee. The landlords of empty storefronts would have to register with the village and the RAC could help implement a storefront beautification project with them. It was then suggested that we could collaborate with the Guild, Chamber, CBD Advisory and any other village committee and do a “holiday decorating contest” among the different committees. Audrey will draft a letter to the store owners, and Max will talk to Tony Damiano of the Guild to find out how many empty storefronts there are. Susan will also inventory the “kissing balls” in hope of bringing those back to help decorate town for the holiday season. It was also suggested that we could create a POP UP studio for a day and display an actual artist working in a store window.  


Social Media: Susan will check with Matt Rogers and find out if there are any legal ramifications to us setting up an Instagram account.  


Artist Talk: Audrey suggested (on Frank’s behalf) that we invite Vince Curatola of “Sopranos” fame to do an artist talk at Pearl. We also discussed “culinary arts” and the possibility of cooking/baking with Max’s mom.


Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 13.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Rosie McCooe


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20180911 Ridgewood Arts Council Meeting Minutes



The meeting was called to order at 7:35.


Present:  Dana Glazer, Rosie McCooe, Mike Walsh, Sherry Frank, Max Viola, Susan Knudsen. Ramon Hache (invited to come at 8:00)

Absent: Audrey Fink, Frank Delvecchio, Sean Flanagan


New Business:

How to recruit new members to RAC:

  • Susan will contact Chris McCullough at RHS and ask if we can get two student reps on the council

  • What is the number of member we are looking for?

  • Frank Delvecchio has conflict with teaching schedule, will he stay on council?

  • Do we have all appointed members of the council, or a combination of appointees and then a core list of volunteers to help on an as needed basis?


How will the RAC move forward:

Much of the meeting was spent discussing how the RAC can move forward and how can we have a bigger presence in the village. Here were some suggestions:

  • Empty storefronts-Susan said the VC could potentially pass an ordinance that would require landlords to display art work in their empty storefronts to make them more appealing. Susan suggested that perhaps the RAC wants to approach these landlords and offer to beautify their empty storefronts rather than forcing their hand through an ordinance

  • Artist displays in window-we need to approach artists

  • Mural outside garage or other locations

  • Mural outside new rooftop garden bar


Ramon discussed the potential of a Performing Arts Center in Ridgewood:

  • Verizon building-too costly to get up and running

  • YMCA-the Y is going to do a big expansion and Ramon is in discussion with the CEO to see how the RAC can have a role in a PAC in Ridgewood-how would we help facilitate a theatre and could we partner with the Y to help raise funds? Dana suggested that we do research on other towns that have professional theatres to see how they operate/function


Old Business

Artist Talk:

  • Eric Corriel on hold for now

  • Unplugged-how can we collaborate with Jeff Sofka?

  • No artist talk is currently scheduled

Dana suggested we have “sub/smaller” meetings before our next meeting on October 9.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05.


Respectfully submitted,

Rosie McCooe


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