Community Center Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 20200123

Community Center Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes: 5:00-6:00 Thursday, 1.23.2020

In attendance: Helen Leonard, Deanna Schablik, Beth Abbott, Cathy Greve, Nancy Friedman, Jeff Voigt, Gwenn Hauck, Sheila Brogan, Bill Carbone, Don Liereich

Helen Leonard called the meeting to order.

Age Friendly:
Sheila reported that they have received funding for another year from the Taub Foundation, with the possibility of a 2nd year to be added.
GOAL: Sustainability. How will Age Friendly continue to work after the funding ends? Taub wants to expand beyond the 5 towns previously included.
Wednesday, 1/29/2020 in Newark: meeting for strategic AF met this AM and planned out initiatives for 2020.
Felt successful with Older Americans month last year. This May will repeat, and finish up with Graydon breakfast.
AF contracted with Leslie Lello (videographer) to create video for senior bus and coupon program. Create promos 2-3 minute videos, which will run on Channel 77 to celebrate what the community is doing for older adults. Target date this Spring (May) to coincide with Older Americans month.

3/3/2020 Elder Attorney Irina Shea to return to the library at 6:30 4/22/2020 Sheila will speak on Medicare 101 for Baby Boomers at 6:30

Stigma Free with library auditorium 5/6, Mary Creegan at 7pm The Scar: personal memoir on depression, her attempted suicides Myths and fallacies about seeking help
Speaker to help with questions (towards older adults) from WestBergen Mental Health. Advertising on placemats at Daily Treat
NJ Futures: Land Use + Age Friendliness Tanya — Village Council 1/29/2020
Age Friendly to Planning Board 2/18/2020
2/26/2020: subcommittee presenting some of the ideas that have come out Don asked about redoing the walkability survey.
HILT is allowing members outside of Ridgewood (e.g., members who used to live in Ridgewood but have moved to a neighboring town can rejoin).

Similarly, CCAB is a Foundation and not a Village Organization, so you don’t have to a Ridge- wood resident to serve.

Community Center Manager’s Report:
Deanna reported
Lecture Series:
Paid for 1st lecture from Community Center trust
$510 for 3 programs
$340 remaining balance

Dillon giving a newer color printer.
Panic button installed 12/13. Sends alert direct to police station. Doors in capital budget to be fixed this year (Jimmy O’Connell)
They will be side sliding doors (automatic) with heater installed to counterbalance cold rush of air. Player piano with scrolls - call out to Steve Friedes.
Civic Youth Corp - no January meeting. First meeting of 2020 scheduled for 2/3/2020. Put together flyer for ping pong event with seniors + kids

Art Beat transition from Sophia Swanson - kick off to Kaschau Shell
Joanne Delaney passed. Gail McCarthy has been able to hit the ground running thanks to the wonderful work done previously by Joanne Delaney.
Mary from Parks/Rec working to get sponsorship Potential lecture 2/10/2020: Stanley Kober
3/5/2020 Suffrage to ERA NJ Women in Politics at the Community Center at 10 am in the youth lounge.
$5/person ($10 additional for non-residents) 5/7/2020 at 10am: Jim DelJudice
$340 remaining to be paid by Community Center Foundation
$5,846.68 includes money not needed for computers Bill motions to spend the $340
Helen 2nd the motion Unanimous approval.

Age Friendly blurb in HILT promotion 120 members in 2019
About 70 people come to larger events.

Middle school mixers:

4/17/2020 6th grade DJ, pizza, 7:30-9
5/1/2020 7th & 8th grade potential silent disco 7:30-9
5/29/2020 5th grade step-up 6:30-7:30 (BF)
8-9 (GW)
*alternate time each year
Reach out to Ben & Jerry’s who have donated in the past.
2/8/2020 : Camp Fair


Older Americans Month:
Make the Mark
$1000 from North Jersey Masters (NJM gives back to volunteers) to be used for impersonator/ singer — musical day with lunch at the community center.

Focus on Caregivers
$> bagel breakfast with Joe Keys duo
Sheila suggested coining them ‘helper’ ‘family member’ ‘aid’ instead of caregiver or in addition to.

Habernickel park:
3/2/2020 Soups On 11:30-1 (program with Stacey at Health Barn) Zucchini soup
Chicken Garden soup
$10 8-10 people (non-resident is $10 additional)

Exercise classes: continue normal schedule

Treasurer’s Report:
Taub: balance through 1/1/2020: $2,321.32
Other check deposited after for $75,000.00 ($37,500, 2x per year) Taken care of the taxes.
• Computers fully installed with virus software
• Deanna purchased cabinet with remaining funds 2019 (lock up computers in locked room).
• Computer sleeves + extra pens with reward money
• Reach out to Sue Ulrich to see who helps seniors with computers over there



Next meeting at 5PM, 2.20.2020 Helen adjourned.

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