Community Center Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 20190613

Community Center Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes: 5:00-6:00 Thursday, 6.13.2019

In attendance: Don Liebreich, Sheila Brogan, Beth Abbott, Tom Lillis, Miles (new student representative), Cathy Greve, Nancy Friedman, Helen Leonard, Lisa Gar- vey, Janet Fricke, Marge Anderson, Deanna Schablik, Jim Griffiths, Bill Carbone, Jeff Voight
Don Liebreich called the meeting to order.

•Beth Abbott reported on Age Friendly being added to the AARP network.
•The benches at Stop & Shop and Franklin/Broad are in place, and a 3rd at the train station will be placed when the construction is complete. Helen suggested the bus stop at the library might be a good place to add an additional bench. Each bench = $4K.
•Graydon welcome day: 80 in attendance, a great success!
•Running a survey for more data. Deanna announced the survey monkey link at the picnic. 50+ have completed it already. Montclair (who helped with design)will help post survey.
•6/12 the VC approved working with NJ Futures.
•A non-profit has done land use analysis and will look at recommendations and map out next steps.
•New plans with Janet + Billy (driver) to drive the bus: using for 5 nights at Kaschau Shell. Janet is also encouraging folks to use the bus. Secondary to the new bus ride performed, there are new people interested in riding the bus and are now acquainted with it.
•6/25 there will be simple gifts for 1st night with riders.
•This summer: focus on survey [end of June finalize survey; August meet with Montclair; September present findings]. Beth and Sheila meeting with grant funder. Taub holding grantee meeting 6/27 in Ridgewood as 12 (lunch provided in auditorium at the library).
•Jeff suggested encouraging SHARE and Ridgecrest residents to participate.
•Sheila suggested Bill could have postcards to distribute at the library table during sales (4th of July). Bill said to get postcards to Margie Downs or drop directly to the library + add to church bulletins.
Treasurer’s Report:
• 6/30/2018-6/30/2019 = year end tax return due
•Checking account for community center advisory board = $5500
•Checking account for Taub = $44,000.00
•Income consisted of $75K from Taub, $1250 from Valley for the Ashton Applewhite event), $500 from Atlantic Stewardship, or roughly $77,000.00 [*Columbia bought out Atlantic Stewardship but indicated they will continue the tithing program]
•$68,000.00 in expenses (speakers, transportation)
•$5400 donated to the Village of Ridgewood via gifts of assets.
•Profit of $7900.00 As a 501c3 we don’t pay taxes
•Age Friendly is covering salary for Billy 5x on Wednesdays. Then the Village will pick up Wednesdays.
•Jim Griffiths suggested we need a point person assigned to fundraising.
•Columbia Bank donated $10,000.00 for computers at the community center through a grant.
Community Center Manager’s Report:
•Janet: tables coming tomorrow for the senior lounge. $8K worth of tables attained through a Community Development Block Grant from HUD. The tables are lighter, easier to move, have a flip top for easier storage and can be used in a variety of configurations.
•10 36” squares; 2 6’ rectangular on coasters
•Current tables from community center could be donated to Schedler House.
•COMPUTERS: (Minaska Mateo at Columbia Bank) money is coming this month. Ramon reported to Deanna that when they do, he and Deanna will meet with them at Columbia Bank.
•Summer classes at the Community Center after day camp ends include toning, Chinese brush making, crocheting.
•Joan Larken: short story group
•Capitol improvements: looking towards wrapping poles with carpeting.. thinking of of splitting cost with the foundation.
•Wall that divides room: put something on top or plexi or think about HOW to separate the spa- ces.
•COMPLETE: Art Beat. Tom Lillis reported it was held 6/11 and was a success. Used $200 in refershments. Shout out to Sophia Swanson for her help.
•In touch with Janine re: nature clean-up with CYC as well as more walks over the summer. Miles will be on the CYC (Community Youth Corp).
•Nicole Kye heading RAKE (Ridgewood Agricultural + Environmental Club - grow fruits and veg- etables for social service @ RHS community garden. Invite former CYC members home from col- lege over the summer.
•Trip 8/12 to The Great Swamp.

•Website up. Deanna is linking Age Friendly from our website. Fine tuning search features
•Liz Kloak returning to the board. She’ll serve as the liason to Parks + Rec (filling Lou Lembo’s spot).
•Run: About 4K runners, Tim Cronin came back to help out.
•(2) lectures of series Foundation paid for, 18-20 attended each.
•September: Shira Almondson, Children and Family Services of Fairlawn — program for wellness initiative, 6 weeks running from mid September through October with a free lunch. Shira may also be working on something for access program in the fall.
•Dillon needs to fix the website - shortcut button currently leads to 404 error.

Date for next meetings, all 4th Thursday at 5PM (*except November):
Don adjourned.
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